Five Tips for Difficult Conversations

By: Emily Bemmer 

We’ve all had times we know we ought to say something, but we don’t, because it feels anxiety provoking, or we don’t know where to start! Read more

The Case for Marriage and Why It’s Good For Us: Research Findings

By: Kristian Johnson

“Marriage has lost ground, has retreated the most, amongst working-class and poor Americans, and so what that means practically of course, both economically and socially, is that leaves poor and working-class adults and kids doubly disadvantaged.”  ~ Brad Wilcox

Read more

Set Your Boundaries

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

One of the important things in life is to set your boundaries: what you will accept and what you won’t. Without boundaries, you will just be everyone else’s “punching bag” in life. Read more

When You Can’t Unfriend…

By: Brian Harris

I don’t know what your relationship with Facebook is like, but on the whole, mine is pretty good. Read more

3 Keys to a Peaceful Family Gathering These Holidays

By: Michael McQueen

The holiday season is here. While rest is undoubtedly and necessarily a priority for most of us this year, the holidays can be a stressful time for many. Read more

How to Get the Stubborn to Budge

By: Michael McQueen

There are few things more frustrating than an opponent who won’t budge. Read more

Can We Ever Find True Equality?

By: Robert Martin, God in 60 Seconds

Can we ever find true equality? Observing the world around us we clearly aren’t equal. People have different abilities, different incomes, different looks, different opportunities. Read more

Saving Face is a Necessary Art – Even When the Face Isn’t Yours

By: Michael McQueen

The human instinct to avoid social humiliation is deep. Psychologists point to shame as being one of the deepest fears held nearly universally by human beings, coming close to the fear of death. Read more

We Can Change Lives Just By Seeing Others Better

By: Brian Harris

Have you ever felt invisible? If it’s especially bad, people don’t notice you at all, if a softer version, they sort of see you, but have placed you in an inaccurate and limiting box. Read more

Tinder Mercy or Tender Prey? A Reflection on Tinder’s 10th Birthday

By: Aaron Johnstone

I’ve been a Nick Cave fan for all of my adult life. The man once described as ‘a vaguely psychotic drunken screwed-up* drug addict, deceiving himself with vain delusions of glory’ …has always had a special place in my music collection and medial orbital frontal cortex (apparently the part of the brain responsible for appreciating beauty…). Read more