The Flip Side of Empathy

By: Monica Jacob 

Empathy is a big theme when we talk about mental health at work – we want empathy from our co-workers, our clients, our bosses and our bosses’ bosses. Read more

What is Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy?

By: The Centre for Effective Living

Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is an evidence-based therapeutic modality that has been proven to be effective in treating a wide range of conditions. Read more

Move Conversations From Mundane to Meaningful

By: Amy Isham & Craig Josling

Are your chats with colleagues about the weather, the patchy video call connection or the quality of the coffee in your building? Read more

First Steps to Financial Freedom as a Couple

By: Amy Van Veen

The fact that money is a major stressor in marriage is not news. The way we spend and save can be a black or white issue for many of us. Read more

Healthy Individuals Create Healthy Marriages

By: Jill Savage 

Because the health of marriage is ultimately determined by individual health, we need to be diligent about emotional, mental, physical and spiritual fitness. Read more

7 Healthy Habits That Will Improve Your Marriage

By: Jill Savage

The games were still sitting there. As I was cleaning up after a family gathering, I had put a couple of board games on the bottom step of the staircase. Read more

Be Brave – Let People Challenge Your Thinking

By: Amanda Viviers

Our culture at the moment is playing a worldwide game of dominos. Read more

Five Tips for Difficult Conversations

By: Emily Bemmer 

We’ve all had times we know we ought to say something, but we don’t, because it feels anxiety provoking, or we don’t know where to start! Read more

The Case for Marriage and Why It’s Good For Us: Research Findings

By: Kristian Johnson

“Marriage has lost ground, has retreated the most, amongst working-class and poor Americans, and so what that means practically of course, both economically and socially, is that leaves poor and working-class adults and kids doubly disadvantaged.”  ~ Brad Wilcox

Read more

Set Your Boundaries

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

One of the important things in life is to set your boundaries: what you will accept and what you won’t. Without boundaries, you will just be everyone else’s “punching bag” in life. Read more