“Social Glyphosate”, aka Individualism, and How It’s Withering Our Society

By: City Bible Forum

On Monday morning I decided that I would take to all of our indoor plants with weed killer. Actually I didn’t decide that. I decided to feed all of the plants with liquid fertilizer, but inadvertently took the wrong bottle out of the cupboard and gave them all a liberal dose of glyphosate, a broad-spectrum herbicide. Read more

Empty Nesters, New Beginnings – Tips for Your New-Look Relationship

By: Lorrene McClymont

My husband and I recently became empty-nesters. Our daughter’s wedding was in April. It’s a strange new reality for us, organising a life that was previously built around family and adult children at home, into a completely different scenario. Read more

Here’s Why We All Need Community

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

Here’s a reality check. You can’t love on your own. Any attempt to love on your own isn’t an expression of love but of its opposite: self-centredness. To love, you need community. As the saying goes, “It takes two to tango.” Read more

“Deeply Crazy” – A Way to Better Relationships

By: Robert Martin, God in 60 Seconds 

How do we have better relationships? Atheist philosopher Alain de Botton is critical of the notion, popular today, that claims that people are basically good and ‘angelic by nature’ because he says that this view of people is ‘highly troubling for relationships’. Read more

Could Debating Be Better with a Bit of Curiosity and Generosity?

By: Laura Bennett

It’s not uncommon, or even bad, to disagree with people and have opposing views but increasingly we’re seeing these disparities fiercely hashed out across multiple mediums leading to alienation, separatism and a deepening acceptance of cancel culture. Read more

From FOMO to HOGO – Exploring ‘Relational Fitness’

By: Ashley Fell

For the last two years, our lives have been significantly interrupted. We didn’t go out. We didn’t socialise much. We mostly interacted through a screen.

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The Sandwich Generation – Caught Between Caring for Children and Ageing Parents

By: Amy Cheng

Samuel* is the father of three children but is also now beginning to look after parents who are ageing.
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‘A Lasting Tale’ Helps Families to Capture Our Elders Memories

By: Laura Bennett

These days we are inundated with pictures of our everyday lives. Sure, our social media may only capture the highlights, but as you scroll back through your phone’s camera roll, most of us would have a fairly good diary of key millstones, family events, and the many times our cat looked cute while sleeping.
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Does ‘Colour Blindness’ Need a Cure?

By: Laura Bennett

My closest group of friends is quite a ramshackle bunch. We’re German, Eurasian, South African, Burmese, Indian and Australian. But we’re all Australian. And I’ve never seen us by those nationalities until it came up in conversation when we were talking about everyone’s journey to citizenship. Read more