25 Fun Hobbies for Married Couples Who Want to Keep the Spark Alive

By: Brittany Ann

If you had to choose 3 adjectives to describe your relationship with your husband, which 3 would you choose? Would you choose adjectives like fun, close, exciting, fulfilling, silly or passionate? Or would you choose adjectives like boring, routine, strained, frustrating, or lonely? Read more

‘I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye’ – The Aussie Director Behind Joshua Harris’ Documentary

By: Laura Bennett

In 1997 a 21 year-old Joshua Harris wrote, ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’, the Christian youths’ so-called guidebook to saving sex for marriage, and approaching romantic relationships with fresh intentionality. Read more

10 Ways to Make Your Marriage Fun Again

By: Brittany Ann

My husband and I have been married almost eight years now. Short enough that we are still learning every day, but long enough that we’re starting to fall into some of the same ol’ routines. Read more

How to Make Friends When Your Church is Full of Cliques

By: Brittany Ann

A few weeks ago, I received the following reader question:

Do you have any good reads or articles on struggling with women friendships? I have struggled my whole life, and right now am really feeling low, and just want to give up and run away–literally–from my town.

Read more

24 Fun and Cheap Date Night Ideas

By: Brittany Ann

While having fun as a family is always (okay, usually!) a blast, spending one-on-one time with your spouse is absolutely essential to your health as a couple. Read more

How to Care for a Friend Who Has Lost a Child

By: Brittany Ann

It was 8:00 pm on Valentine’s Day when my husband and I heard a knock that would bring our world crashing down. Before the Marines on our front doorstep had a chance to say a word, I knew. Read more

5 Things You and Your Spouse Should Talk About – But Don’t

By: Brittany Ann

I remember back when my husband and I were first dating. We could talk for hours about anything and everything. Especially when we were living two states away from each other and talking was all we could do. We spent hours on the phone! Read more

10 Ways to Find Time for Romance When Your Children are Little

By: Brittany Ann

Marriage is hard, especially when your kids are little. You’re running low on sleep, you’ve got several people pulling you in all different directions all at once, and you’d really rather just go take a nap than work on your marriage. Yet, a strong marriage sets the foundation for a strong family, and building yours the right way is so, so important. Read more

What to Do When Your Spouse isn’t a Believer

By: Brittany Ann

Should Christians marry non-Christians? Unfortunately for many starry eyed single Christians out there, the Bible clearly states the answer is no. Read more