Australia’s Indian Community Experienced the Largest Growth in 2018

By: McCrindle

A recent data release from the ABS shows some interesting findings about Australia’s population and migration trends for the year ending 2018.
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Dolly’s Dream

By: Yvette Cherry

The parents of Dolly Everett, a 14 year old girl who took her own life after being relentlessly bullied, have created a very powerful and evocative advertisement to address the issue of cyber bullying.

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Three Australian Cities in the Top Ten Most Liveable Cities Worldwide

By: McCrindle

2019 report by the Economist Intelligence Unit has revealed the world’s most liveable cities.

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What You Need to Know About the Driverless Age

By: Michael McQueen

It has been a growing popular conversation over the last decade. Driverless cars – one of the sure symbols that the future has arrived.
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Abortion Worker’s Shocking True Story told in ‘Unplanned’

By: Clare Bruce

“The one thing that all experts agree on is that at this stage, the feoteus can’t feel anything.” Read more

Suicide: Here’s What Survivors Want You to Know

By: Sheridan Voysey

Diana is a hair stylist and public health advocate. Chestnut hair, warm smile, she’s good at her job and caring towards others. She’s also a five-time suicide attempt survivor.
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R U OK Day – Having the conversation and what to do if the answer is ‘no’.

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Alex* was a popular kid. He seemed OK. He was good at sports, doing fine at school, and came from an affluent, strong family.

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Aussies Are Earning Less and Living at Home Longer

By: McCrindle

Australia’s population is experiencing unprecedented growth, now sitting at a population of 25.4 million. Some of the implications of this population growth are seen in this latest data release from HILDA. It reveals that Australians are experiencing greater stresses due to flat wages growth and increasing house prices.
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Greater Female Labour Force Participation Than Ever Before

By: McCrindle

The labour force participation gap between men and women is the lowest it has ever been new data from HILDA reveals. The participation rate of females in the last five years has increased from 69% in 2012 to 71%. Over the same period of time, men’s participation rate has declined slightly from 83% to 82%. Read more

“White Privilege” And Indigenous Reparations

By: Akos Balogh

Should Australia give reparations to Indigenous peoples for stealing their land? Historian and author Meredith Lake thinks so. Read more