Inside Bitcoin: A Beginner’s Guide to the World’s Favourite – and Most Mysterious – Digital Currency

By: Michael Crooks

Bill Gates is excited by it. Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks has reportedly made millions from it. And, now, the world’s richest man has endorsed it. Bitcoin has taken off, driven by a US$1.5 billion investment in the cryptocurrency by Elon Musk’s company Tesla. Despite many financial experts warning that the digital money could be a risk investment, one single Bitcoin is now worth north of $60,000. Read more

Could A Christian Vote For Trump In Good Conscience?

By: Akos Balogh

President Donald Trump is, how shall we say, controversial. Read more

Rob Kenney: How a Dad of Two Became ‘Dad’ to Millions on YouTube

By: Laura Bennett

We’ve all been through various versions of lockdown, but not all of us have come out of it with a YouTube following of over two and half million subscribers. Read more

The Future is Arriving Ahead of Schedule, Thanks to COVID

By: Michael McQueen

Whatever the circumstance, one thing we can be sure of is that the future is coming. No matter the success of the standards and systems of the past, disruption is inevitable. Read more

The Global Population is Set to Peak in 2064

By: McCrindle

The latest population modelling shows that the dire forecasts of global overpopulation and food shortages are unlikely to eventuate. Read more

In Defence of the Name Karen

By: McCrindle

Much has been made of the name Karen in popular culture recently. Through memes and social media, the name has been used as a euphemism for a woman of privilege who is demanding at the expense of others. Read more

The Internet is Losing It’s Mind Over This Banana Caramilk Cake Recipe

By: 96five

It seems like just about everyone has taken up baking as a hobby since the start of COVID. Read more

After COVID-19: What Will Never Be the Same

By: Michael McQueen

With the dramatic changes that have occurred across the globe in recent months in the midst of our modern crisis, many of our standing systems have had to rework their regular ways of doing business. Read more

Australia’s Top Baby Names 2020

By: McCrindle

Each year Australia’s states and territories publish the top names given to babies in the previous year. McCrindle collates this data from the respective states and territories, analyses it, and uncovers the nation-wide trends. The data is in, and Australia’s top baby names are revealed. Read more

The George Floyd “Apocalypse”: What His Death Reveals About Our Western World

By: Akos Balogh

George Floyd is now a household name across the globe. An African American man who was killed while being arrested by a white police officer, Floyd’s death has sent shockwaves throughout the US (and much of the world). As I write, protests are still continuing in many American cities, with many of them turning violent. Read more