I Blamed God for Taking My Dad

By: Tim Chen 

“I didn’t grow up in a Christian household and we didn’t go to church. My dad’s side were quite religious, but my mum’s side were atheists. Read more

Reductionism or Awe: Thinking about God

By: Brian Harris

It’s always good to think about God. What is less good is assuming we are always right and that we are on top of our subject. Read more

Guarding God’s Reputation

By: Brian Harris

Have you ever sat through a sermon or a talk and heard the speaker express a view about God that made you think, “Well that makes God sound petty and small”? Read more

The God Who Comes to You

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

The God who comes to you is not the God whom many people know. They mainly know the God to whom they have to come. Read more

What is the Ultimate ‘Big Question’ People are Asking?

By: Robert Martin, City Bible Forum

When we began asking big questions on the podcast and radio show Bigger Questions (formerly Logos Live) over 7 years ago, I must confess I wondered if we’d quickly run out of big questions. Would the show just wrap up after we’d explored some of the common objections to the Christian message? Read more

Why Do We Love Origin Stories?

By: God in 60 Seconds

Many popular movies are about the origin of certain characters or situations – how they came to be – Batman Begins, X-men origins, Star Wars – the Phantom Menace. Read more

Our Knowable God – And the Unknowable, Hard-To-Please Gods of Ancient Times

By: Tania Harris

In 2019, in a coastal area of northern Peru, archaeologists discovered the largest child burial site ever found. Lying beneath a lonely plot of desert sands were the skeletons of 227 children between the ages of 4 and 14. Read more

Don’t Miss Out On Majesty – It Could Be Right in Front of You

By: Stephen McAlpine

Of all the great stories told during the 70th Jubilee celebrations of the Queen, the most memorable, and funniest, is told by the head of her security detail. Read more

The Case For Keeping Religion in Politics

By: Stephen McAlpine, City Bible Forum

Up until 1992 most Westerners would only have been familiar with Sarajevo, a city in what was then Yugoslavia, because it was home to the 1984 Winter Olympics. Read more

How To See God Everywhere – in the Small, Simple Things

By: Annette Spurr

Recently, I interviewed a young man who had been struggling with addiction since the age of 12. He had completed a program at a Christian rehab centre and while he was there, he encountered Jesus.  Read more