‘Enola Holmes’ – The Female-Led Mystery For the Whole Family

By: Laura Bennett

We’re really spoiled for choice in the arena of online entertainment but, even so, it can be hard to find something to watch that’s enjoyable, thoughtful and accessible for the whole family — enter, Enola Holmes. Read more

‘The Secret Garden’ — A Place to Heal Together, In a Year of Being Forced Apart

By: Laura Bennett

The Secret Garden is one of those movies that is both beautiful and tragic. Read more

Disney’s Live-Action ‘Mulan’ Spotlights a Servant’s Heart and Sacrificial Love

By: Laura Bennett

This year has been a historical one for cinema, including Disney’s long-awaited live-action remake of Mulan – releasing on its streaming platform on Friday 4th September. Read more

Inception Meets Batman, Bond Meets Matrix – in Christopher Nolan’s Mind Bender, ‘Tenet’

By: Laura Bennett

After Christopher Nolan releases a movie, I’m sure he spends his weekends reading all the reviews, laughing at pundits and poor reviewers like me trying to decipher his latest masterpiece. Read more

The True Story of a Fearless Woman Whose Work Has Saved Thousands of Lives: Saint Judy [Movie Review]

Above: (L-R) Michelle Monaghan stars in ‘Saint Judy’; the real Judy Wood.

By: Laura Bennett

Oftentimes it’s our most vulnerable communities that need the most help – yet sadly because of their situation they’re also the ones who have the most trouble accessing it. Read more

‘Military Wives’ a Gentle Tribute to Defence Families – And the Power of Music

By: Laura Bennett

When someone goes to war, there’s always someone left behind. Whether a wife, a friend, a sibling or comrade, the weight of sending loved ones off to the front lines is felt by many. Read more

A Little Blue Alien Proves Friendship Can Melt the Hardest Heart, in ‘Jungle Beat’

By: Laura Bennett

Kids movies can so often go one of two ways: they’re either nauseously sanitised, or layered with subtle innuendo it’s hoped only adults will notice. Read more

A Groundbreaking Indigenous Approach to Policing is Making a Difference

Above: Warakurna elder Daisy Ward has a strong relationship with police officers Revis Ryder and Wendy Kelly.

By: Laura Bennett

Policing in remote indigenous communities has a troubled history—but one police station is doing things differently. Read more

‘Same Kind of Different As Me’ Shines a Spotlight on Our True Motivations

By: Laura Bennett

Above: Djimon Hounsou plays Denver and Greg Kinnear plays Ron in ‘Same Kind of Different As Me’ from Paramount Pictures.

How do you measure ‘difference’?

Generally it’s attributed to the person who’s unlike the majority around them – whether by status, race or gender. Or the person whose preferences aren’t agreed upon by everyone else. Read more

Top 5 Movies for Mums This Mother’s Day

By: Laura Bennett

Mother’s Day may be different this year, but the good news is you can always take a moment to indulge in a good movie — that is, if the kids leave you be and you can have the TV to yourself. Read more