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Movie Review: ‘Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire’

By: Russ Matthews

The litmus test for devoted Ghostbuster fans would have to be, knowing what to say after hearing the lyric, “If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call?” Read more

‘American Fiction’ A Brilliant Satire of the Publishing World

By: Russ Matthews

The world of publishing can be a veritable hodgepodge of inexplicable successes. Read more

Paul Atreides a Reluctant Messiah in Dune: Part Two

By: Russ Matthews

To say that Dune: Part Two is being released with immeasurable expectations is an understatement almost as big as the production budget of this epic follow-up to Denis Villeneuve’s original.  Read more

‘I Am Patrick’ – Discover The Inspiring Story of Faith Behind St Patrick’s Day


If you’re looking for a way to mark St Patrick’s Day this weekend, I Am Patrick, streaming on GOOD, is the perfect thing. Read more

Alan Ritchson & Hilary Swank Tug at the Heart in ‘Ordinary Angels’

By: Laura Bennett

Alan Ritchson might be recognised as the t-shirt-popping hero in Reacher, but in Ordinary Angels he and Academy Award winner Hilary Swank team up to deliver a punch of a different kind. Read more

Leonard Bernstein’s Story Unfolds in ‘Maestro’

By: Russ Matthews and Christian Valenzuela

Only a handful of films over the past year have had such a singular vision behind them that the end product ebbs and flows like a beautiful composition crafted by a passionate and complex composer. Read more

Academy Awards 2024 Nominations and Predictions

By: Russ Matthews

During 2024, the two big events that impacted cinemas were Barbenheimer and the Writers/Actors strike. Read more

How to Create the Perfect Valentine’s Movie Night for Free

By: Sharon Fitness

Creating the perfect Valentine’s Day movie night involves thoughtful planning to set the mood for romance and relaxation. Here’s a step-by-step plan for a cozy and memorable evening. Read more

No Prince Charming for Asha in the Latest Enchanting Disney Tale, ‘Wish’

By: Russ Matthews

Over the years, one of the most reliable events on the cinematic calendar was the release of a Disney animated film over the Thanksgiving (US) weekend. Read more

Rebel Moon (A Streaming Film Review)

By: Oli Phillips 

So the story goes… director Zack Snyder wanted to make a Star Wars film and Lucas film said “No”, so Snyder said, “alright, I’ll just do my own thing” and thus, Rebel Moon was born. Read more