Profound Truths Highlighted in New Thriller ‘Nope’ – Movie Review

By: Russ Matthews

Our self-destructive obsession with spectacle and being seen is at the forefront of director Jordan Peele’s mind in his expertly crafted, new thriller, Nope. Read more

The Phantom of the Open – Movie Review

By: Russ Matthews

Few people outside the golfing community would be familiar with Maurice Flitcroft. Still, to those within the sport, this man was legendary. Read more

The Sea Beast – Reel Dialogue Movie Review

By: Russ Matthews

Usually, during the school holiday season, there are loads of options for families, except this year, there are few family-friendly options. With so few options for parents to choose from, it is a wonder how The Sea Beast from Netflix arrived on the scene with such little fanfare. Read more

‘The Gray Man’ is Bourne Plus a Sense of Humour – Movie Review

By: Russ Matthews at Reel Dialogue

Since Avengers: Endgame, directors Anthony and Joe Russo have been flying under the radar with smaller productions and producing roles for Netflix. Read more

Minions: The Rise of Gru [Movie Review]

By: Russ Matthews at Reel Dialogue

We journey back in to the mid-1970’s in this latest Minion adventure. The 11¾-year-old Felonius Gru (Steve Carell) knows he wants to be a super-villain.. Read more

Lightyear: Pixar’s Back With its Toy Story Spinoff [Movie Review]

By: Russ Matthews at Reel Dialogue

Toy Story is where it all began for Pixar. Despite a range of short films, this was how we all were introduced to this animation powerhouse. Read more

Jurassic World: Dominion [Movie Review]

By: Russ Matthews at Reel Dialogue

When Michael Crichton’s science-fiction novel was initially made into a motion picture, the concept was the working of a brilliant imagination.  Read more

The Batman: A Movie Review of the Latest Version

By: Russ Matthews of City Bible Forum and Reel Dialogue

Since his first appearance in Detective Comics in 1939, Batman has been a mainstay in Western culture. Every character in this world, including Catwoman, The Penguin, Alfred Pennyworth, and the Joker, is as familiar to children today as the generations introduced to him in the comics.
Read more