Embracing the Various Seasons of Marriage

By: Focus On The Family

All marriages go through seasons.

Dr. Gary Chapman joins Focus on the Family to discuss the attitudes, emotions and actions of winter, spring, summer and autumn marriages, and how couples can make the most of each season. Read more

marriage respect

Respect: A Marriage Essential

By: Focus On The Family

Why is it that sometimes, two ‘good-willed’ people just can’t get along?

Tune in for a roadmap to a happier marriage. Read more


The Need for Mentoring

By: Kevin Conklin | Focus On The Family

Mentoring is a popular word, but it’s been around a long time. Many write about it (like me right now), and speak on it, and even have conferences on it.

There are different types of mentoring (professional, personal, spiritual, marriage, parenting, etc.), but I’d like to take a couple minutes of your valuable time and write about the need to have ongoing mentors in your life, as well as being a mentor to someone who can use what you have.  Read more


Making Friends, Loneliness and the Bromance

By: Duncan Robinson

Something unusual and funny happened a couple of weeks ago. I made a new friend. It’s not something I anticipated happening, but I headed to one of my kids birthdays and struck up a friendship with a new buddy. Read more

finishing strong

Finishing Strong [Podcast]

By: Focus On The Family

Stuart and Jill Briscoe are in their eighties, but that doesn’t keep them from pressing on and being productive.  Read more


Changing Your Relationships through the Power of Kindness

Just thirty days of kindness… you have no idea the difference it can make in a strained relationship.

Focus on the Family spoke with Shaunti Feldhahn on the simple power of being kind. Read more

Restoring Relationships with Good Apologies

By: Ted Cunningham | Focus On The Family

We all deal with difficult relationships. When a relationship is strained we need to find the words that bring healing, not strife and more destruction. Read more

How to Keep the Romance Alive

Real Romance Tips for your Relationship

We see a lot of TV programs and movies these days that show the start of romantic relationships. But not many of those are about keeping the romance alive once it has begun. Read more