5 Simple Ideas to Have More Fun in Your Marriage

By: Amy Van Veen

Is your marriage fun?

For a lot of people, that question is a no-brainer. “Of course we’re having fun!” they say. But for many, this question makes them realize it’s been a long time since “fun” has been a word to describe their relationship. Read more


Maintaining a Forgiving Spirit While Ministering to the Broken

By: Ted Cunningham

We are called to encourage one another and lift each other up. These days, it only takes a few minutes online to see a lot of hurting people and broken relationships. A quick scroll through our social media channels can be overwhelming and discouraging. Read more

Echoes in Eternity

By: Yvonne Griese

“What we do in life, echoes in eternity” – Gladiator. It’s one of the greatest and most profound movie quotes of all time.

It’s also true that what we do in life, echoes through generations and into their eternity. Read more

dementia alzheimer's

Loving Someone with Alzheimer’s

By: Focus On The Family

When someone’s brain is failing, the best thing you can do is love them! Dr. Gary Chapman describes how the five love languages can help people with dementia—and their caregivers—experience a powerful emotional connection. Read more


Healthy Manhood in Marriage

By: Focus On The Family

Jim Daly wants to remind husbands what healthy masculinity is all about — serving and sacrificing for your wife, avoiding passivity, and pursuing purity in your thought-life! Challenging men to godly manhood. Read more


Being a Champion to your Grandkids

By: Focus On The Family

Mr. Carey Casey shares about the critical importance of grandfathers in the lives of their grandkids. He addresses how to bridge the relational gap between the generations and how to model integrity to your grandchildren and leave a lasting, godly legacy. Read more

imperfect marriage

Embracing an Imperfect Marriage

By: Focus On The Family

Mark and Jill Savage open up about their own imperfect marriage — how they’ve tried to change each other, struggled with emotional intimacy, and needed counseling to work through their conflict. Read more


Understanding Singleness in God’s Family

By: Focus On The Family

In society today, do we send unintentional messages to single people that they are somehow inferior? Are there ways that communities – and churches in particular – can be more inclusive and supportive of singles? Read more


Dare to Receive

By: Elaine Fraser

Until we can receive with an open heart, we are never really giving with an open heart. Brené Brown Read more