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Unveiling the Resilience of Hidden Homelessness: Tony’s Inspiring Journey

Amidst the vibrant tapestry of Australian life, there exists a silent crisis that often goes unnoticed—a crisis of hidden homelessness. Tony’s story sheds light on the resilience of those who navigate the shadows of homelessness. As we delve into Tony’s journey, we discover the challenges that piled up, one upon the other, until they reached […]

Embracing Compassion: Stephen’s Journey Through Hidden Homelessness

In the midst of bustling Australia lies a silent crisis that we must confront—hidden homelessness. Today, I invite you to meet Stephen, a spirited 72-year-old who defies adversity with unwavering character. As we engage in a heartfelt conversation with Stephen, he shares his experiences of couch surfing, shedding light on the struggles faced by those […]

Rebuilding from Heartbreak: Peter’s Journey through Hidden Homelessness

In the shadows of Australia’s bustling streets lies a staggering reality—hidden homelessness, an epidemic that remains largely concealed from public view. Today, I want to share with you the journey of Peter, a man who faced heartbreak beyond comprehension. As we delve into Peter’s story, we come to understand how life can unravel in the […]

Empowering Resilience: Natalie’s Journey from Homelessness to Hope

Within the corners of Australian society lies an unseen crisis—hidden homelessness. Today, we delve into the journey of Natalie, whose life seemed ordinary until it unravelled before her eyes. With two little children and a thriving career, Natalie’s world was turned upside down in an instant by a painful marriage breakup, leading to unexpected mental […]

From Darkness to Hope: Malena’s Journey of Triumph Over Hidden Homelessness

Amidst the hidden crisis of homelessness in Australia, there are countless untold stories of strength and resilience. Today, we are privileged to share the inspiring journey of Malena, a woman who faced difficult circumstances but found hope and support to overcome the darkness that surrounded her. Malena’s story is a powerful testament to the transformative […]

A Journey of Resilience: John’s Triumph Over Hidden Homelessness

In the heart of Australia’s cities, a silent crisis unfolds—a crisis of hidden homelessness (which means they’re staying in severely overcrowded dwellings, refuges, boarding houses, or temporarily living with friends or family) that remains largely unnoticed. Today, we share the touching journey of John, a man who led a comfortable and stable life until unforeseen […]

Casual Cleaners

Envirocleaning4U require casual staff to work as domestic cleaners all over the Central Coast as we have an employee leaving to have a baby early July. Hours of work would be Monday – Friday 8am -6pm however can be flexible to meet the needs of Mums or Dad with school age children. Must have car […]