Creating Healthy Workplaces for Employees to Thrive

By: McCrindle

Workplace well-being can often be a sensitive topic with almost three in four Australian workers (73%) experiencing a degree of workplace stress (extremely, very or somewhat stressed in their work). Read more

Getting a Job on Newstart Is Harder than You Think

By: Anne Rinaudo

A majority of people on Newstart are being systematically excluded from paid employment, a recent report has found. The report by the Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) and Jobs Australia has found that getting a job while on Newstart is harder than people think. Read more

A Biblical Perspective on Leadership

By: Jim Ware

What does genuine biblical “leadership” look like? “Leadership” in general is an idea that seems to be getting a lot of promotion these days.  Read more

How to Flourish at Work

By: Stephen O’Doherty

Why do we work? Ask around and you are likely to encounter more than a few strange, quizzical looks. Why would any sensible person even ask that question? We just have to, right? And to flourish at work, well that’s a nice idea, but… Read more

70 Years on and Work-life Balance Is Still Eluding Most Australians

By: McCrindle

It was January 1948 that the Commonwealth Arbitration Court gave official assent to the 40-hour, five day working week in Australia. Read more

school principal

School Principals Under Stress as Violence and Paperwork Increase

By: Clare Bruce

A third of school principals are working up to 65 hour weeks, swamped in paperwork and bureaucratic checklists, and burnout is high. Read more


5 Ways Dyson Australia Tripled Their Business in 5 Years

By: Michael McQueen

I’ve been a Dyson fan for many years. I vividly remember the day my wife and I purchased one of their iconic bagless cyclonic vacuum cleaners shortly after we got married. It was amazing. Everything from the packaging to the product design and performance were impossible to fault. Read more


5 Ways Bureaucracy Will Kill Your Business

By: Michael McQueen

When German political economist Max Weber first devised the bureaucratic theory of management in the late 19th century, his intention was to combat the nepotism and unproductiveness rife in the family-run businesses of the day. Read more

aesthetic artisan group

When Beauty Treatments Become About Life Calling

By: Laura Bennett

Tucked away in a quite alley of a busy Australian city is Aesthetic Artisan Group: a sweet-scented haven for salon-weary clients who seek respite from the impersonal care and rushed pace so many beauty outlets offer.

Walking off the street and into its modernised French provincial setting there’s no hairdryers buzzing or heels hitting floorboards, it’s calm and welcoming. Read more

what's the point

What’s the Point?

By: Elaine Fraser

What if money was no object? What would you do? Read more