10 Signs You Are Burning Out

By: Valerie Ling

Did you know that in the past couple of years, there has been a 60% increase of people in Australia searching the term burnout? Read more

Self Care Helps Us Stay the Course

By: Valerie Ling

I’ve spoken at two great events recently. The questions put to me on both days have been thought provoking, and I’d like to unpack one in particular. Read more

Carer Fatigue and Burnout: What Is and What To Do

By: Katelyn Tasker

Carers Australia defines carers as ‘people who provide unpaid care and support to family members and friends who have a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness, an alcohol or other drug issue or who are frail aged’. Read more

How to Stop Those Negative Voices From Running Your Life

By: Rachel Reva

I see all the time when friends and clients have a new idea, something that totally excites them – and for a moment they are stuck in the glory of possibility – and then a voice comes up and quickly and shuts it down. Read more

Savoury Minced Beef Loaded Sweet Potato

By: Susan Joy

Sweet potatoes loaded with my Savoury Minced Beef mixture are the perfect healthy weekday dinner. Read more

Why Marie Kondo’s Coming Clean Sparks Joy on the Internet

By: Sam Chan

Marie Kondo has “come clean” that her own house is not as decluttered as it used to be. Read more

Flourless Chocolate Cake – Recipe

By: Susan Joy

This cake is perfect for chocolate lovers, it has the most amazing texture. While it’s similar to a rich fudgy brownie it has a light and airy texture with a hint of orange. Read more

What Our Bank Statements Can Tell Us About Our Faith in God

By: Ben Allsop

We live in a data-saturated world. Every transaction, every website, every phone call, every text message, even every step has the potential to be tracked, measured, counted and captured for our (or others’) records. Read more

New Year, Old Me – Can Anyone Relate?

By: Lorrene McClymont

You close your eyes on December 31st and wake up on January 1st and it’s the ultimate reset. Read more