Banana Bread (egg-free)

By: Susan Joy

A quick, mix-in-one bowl, banana bread recipe. This egg-free “Banana Bread” is so delicious. I’ve created this recipe after getting requests for more egg-free recipes. It holds together well due to the combination of bananas, arrowroot and flaxseed meal doing the job of eggs. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the flavour or texture, enjoy! Read more

The History of Holden – Henry James Holden

By: Graham McDonald

“Holden is no more: General Motors announces the 164-year-old Aussie auto brand will be axed by the end of the year.” – Business Insider Australia 17 February 2020 Read more

Friends, I Beg You: Stop Passing on Covid Information You’re Not Qualified to Understand

By: Sheridan Voysey

I recently posted on Facebook about getting my second Oxford AstraZeneca jab. As you may know, my wife has been the Lead Statistician on the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine and I’ve seen close-up the exhausting work done and sacrifices made by medical researchers getting this and other Covid-19 vaccines into the world. Read more

The Note I Found of the Boy Pointing the Gun at His Head

By: Stephen McAlpine

I was cleaning up around the front doors of the school building we use for church on Sunday (yes, our state is open, our church is gathering on). Read more

Mexican Spice Mix

By: Susan Joy

Making your own Mexican seasoning is so simple. There is no need to use the store-bought packets that contain flour, sugar, food acid and anticaking agents. Read more

Be Part of ‘Kind July’ and Do One Kind Thing Every Day

By: Amy Cheng

An act of kindness could change and possibly even save a life, according to the family of Thomas Kelly, who was killed in a random one-punch attack eight years ago. Read more

What You Think You Need Vs What You Actually Need

By: Sabrina Peters

At 10, I thought I needed a new huffy bike to be cool (true story).
At 12, I thought I needed a boyfriend to make me valuable.
Read more

How to Get a Healthy Meal on the Table When You Are a Busy Parent

By: Susan Joy

Most of us are eager to have our family eat healthily but occasionally we may stumble. We become time poor or maybe you just never have the right ingredients for a healthy recipe you want to make. Read more

Why Choose a Christian Financial Adviser?

By: Alex Cook

Choosing a financial adviser is a big decision. As you search for the best professional for your situation, make sure you also add faith background to the list of considerations. Read more

Tandoori Spice Mix

By: Susan Joy

Tandoori spice mix is used to marinate chicken pieces for the very popular Indian dish, Tandoori Chicken. This spice mix consists of a variety of warm, smokey, aromatic spices. Read more