Simple Self Care for Chronic Fatigue or Other Chronic Illness

By: Kelli Kieselbach

Whether you’re a sufferer or a carer of someone with severe chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), long COVID or another debilitating chronic illness, you know how it robs quality of life. Read more

Christmas Brownies Recipe

By: Susan Joy

These fudgy Christmas Brownies contain a little Christmas spice, cranberries and macadamia nuts to make them deliciously festive. Read more

Creating Safe Neighbourhoods Starts With a Single Word

By: Georgia Free

When I was a child, I remember spending my weekends playing in the street, from dawn until dusk, knowing that if I needed anything I could run across the road to Penny and Phil – my neighbours- turned-adopted grandparents. Read more

Beef Massaman Curry

By: Susan Joy

Massaman Curry is a classic Thai dish full of delicious warm and aromatic spices with a rich coconut gravy. Read more

The Psychological Impacts of Retirement

By: Monica Jacob 

I cannot wait to retire and put my feet up!” How many times has this thought crossed your mind, when you have one of those days at work? One of those days where everything seems to be falling to pieces. Read more

This Simple Act Can Really Make Your Life Count

By: Sheridan Voysey

One day in 2011, Emily Kenward was walking down Lavender Street in Brighton, UK. She’d walked this street many times before, but now saw it with fresh eyes. Read more

As a Christian, How Much Money Should I Leave to My Kids?

By: Ben Allsop

At various stages of our life there are points where we need to make significant decisions about what happens when the Lord calls us home. Read more

How Death-Anxiety Impacts on Mental Health, and How to Live Life to the Full

By: Michelle Nortje

“Death, however, does itch. It itches all the time. It is always with us, scratching at some inner door. Mirroring, softly, barely audibly, just under the membrane of consciousness. Hidden in disguise, leaking out in a variety of symptoms. It is the wellspring of many of our worries, stresses, and conflicts” Read more

Building a Sisterhood for Women to Support Each Other

By: Michelle Nortje

We know that women’s mental health can be impacted by several risk factors to health, such as hormonal fluctuations, lifestyle choices, genetics, and body image, to name a few. Read more

8 Tips for Healthy Social Media Use

By: Jennifer Chu 

Amy spends a lot of time scrolling on Instagram, where she sees glamorous photos showcasing friends’ exciting adventures and seemingly perfect lives. Read more