Raspberry & Chocolate Chia Bowl Recipe

By: Susan Joy

This is a deliciously healthy, raspberry and chocolate chia breakfast.  By topping with fruit, seeds and nuts you get lots of different flavours and textures in every bite. Chia seeds have a high concentration of plant-based omega 3 fatty acids, making this a filling breakfast that should keep you going until lunch. Read more

4 Ways To Host a Group Video Call

By: yesHEis

There are so many tools available to stay connected and continue community, so here are just 4 ways to host a group video call. This type of experience may feel strange at first but we can choose to lean into the unfamiliar and trust that God can do something powerful as we gather together to encourage one another and invest in relationship.
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What Happens When I Die?

By: City Bible Forum

Death is a question we often don’t like confronting or talking about. What do we make of death? Is there anything after? Hear how the death of someone close to him prompted him to confront some of life’s biggest questions. A conversation with humour and wisdom. Read more

Self-Care in a Public Health Crisis: Mental Health Tips and Tools

By: Clare Bruce

In times of crisis we often struggle with feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness, or hopelessness. There are many things you can do to care for yourself and others. The following expert mental health tips are from Max Schneider, a trauma counselling specialist and trainer at the Australian Institute of Family Counselling (AIFC)*, adapted from an interview given during the January 2020 bushfires. Read more

Boosting Your Happiness: The 6 Keys to Mental Health Resilience

By: Laura Bennett

In recent years talking about mental health has become a top priority. Campaigns like ‘RUOK Day’ and organisations like Headspace have brought issues that were once taboo into the spotlight, where they can be addressed, managed and hopefully resolved. Read more

Beetroot Dip

By: Susan Joy

This delicious, healthy dip is packed full of essential nutrients and antioxidants from the earthy, sweet beetroot. The apple cider vinegar and lemon juice work so well with the sweet beets. Serve with a variety of vegetable sticks and sliced pear or apple. Read more

Want to Feel Happier and Care for the Earth? Do This for Just 20 Seconds a Day

By: Sheridan Voysey

Last year an Australian friend came to visit me. When Jason arrived I wasted no time showing him the best of Oxfordshire, taking him to Blenheim Palace, the Bodleian Library, Oxford’s old quarter, and cosy villages with thatched-roof cottages to prove such things really did exist outside of Midsomer Murders reruns. Visits to London, York and Holy Island followed, then some hiking around Northumberland. Read more

Easy Chicken Curry

By: Susan Joy

This is the perfect mid-week family meal. Easy Chicken Curry is simple, tasty, quick to make and not overly spicy, making it suitable for your children (but of course you can increase the chilli powder to your own taste). You may like to add your favourite vegetables to the curry but I like to serve it as is, over cauliflower rice with steamed broccoli on the side.

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Feeling Anxious About ‘You’? Why Modern Identity Can Be Crushing

By: Akos Balogh

Have you ever felt others were better than you? That they were more accomplished, better looking? Did this ever pressure you to be a better ‘you’? Read more

Dip Crackers

By: Susan Joy

These light and crispy almond meal crackers are perfect for using with dips. If you would like a salty, crunchy snack then sprinkle with a few flakes of sea salt to eat on their own. Read more