Research Shows Men Need to Talk More About Their Mental Health

By: 98five

Research has shown that men aren’t speaking up enough about their mental health, leading them to seek out unhealthy coping mechanisms. Read more

Change Doesn’t Have to Be Quick to Be Worthwhile, Says Author Hannah Brencher

By: Laura Bennett

Transformation stories are always so appealing. Whether they’re about pre and post weight loss, an underdog who overcomes the odds to find success or a once bitter mogul whose heart is softened by hope, we love seeing people experience positive change and believing we can too. Read more

Your Community’s Best Budgeting and Money Saving Tips

By: Georgia Free

The cost of living is skyrocketing, so we asked around in the community for ways to save a few dollars. Here are YOUR best budgeting and money-saving tips (save this article for a rainy day!). Read more

Becoming Undistracted is About our Values, Not To-Do Lists

By: Laura Bennett

We all know far too well how easy it is to set our mind on doing a task or making a lifestyle change, only to find ourselves completely off track with our goals and occupied by distractions. Read more

Is Smart Carpet the Next Must-Have Home Innovation?

By: Sam Robinson

It appears that smart carpet is the next technology for the home, and it has some surprising health benefits. Read more

Volunteering Isn’t Just About Helping, it’s Community Building

By: Laura Bennett

At face value, volunteering is simply a generous offer of your time and skills to an organisation or cause you care about. In reality though, it goes far beyond that, having a profound affect on our cultural identity. Read more

Solitude for Beginners

By: Susan Browning

I was always reaching out, always finding something new to take on, always engaged with ministry, always in peoples lives, always over-booking my schedule, then feeling like my brain would burst and my heart felt heavy. 
Read more

“What’s for Dinner Tonight?” Overload – With a Side of Decision Fatigue!

By: City Bible Forum

3pm on a Thursday afternoon. I needed to write an article but I just couldn’t decide on what to write. The low blood sugar didn’t help. But the indecision was due to more than that. Read more

Confidence in Cooking Could Improve Your Mental Health

By: Amy Cheng

Healthy eating is often linked to better mental health but a new study has revealed that the act of cooking healthy meals can also benefit our mental health.
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