How the Ultimate Dad Dads

By: City Bible Forum

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a new Australian podcast from funny-guy Hamish Blake. Read more

High School Exam Support Tips for Parents

By: Collett Smart

Exam time can be a stressful period for the whole family. I’m thinking ‘first year of High School’ exams, the bigger ‘final years of school’ exams and the ‘end of each year’ exams in general. Read more

Do You Interrupt Your Child’s Study to Ask How It’s Going? Try This Instead

By: Amy Cheng

Parents are unknowingly hindering their child’s studying when they go into their rooms and ask how their study is going, a new survey has revealed – students also revealed the ways in which parents could be helpful in the lead up to exams. Read more

Why Do We Make Our Kids Do Weekend Sports?

By: Sam Chan

Thousands of kids play sport every weekend. But why? Read more

Finding Glimmers of Hope in the Trenches of Motherhood

By: Annette Spurr

Every mother, if she’s honest, will tell you that motherhood is both their greatest honour and hardest struggle. Read more

Want Your Kids to Do Well in School? Send Them to Church First!

By: City Bible Forum

For most of this year, my wife and I have been agonising over whether to send our first born, nearly 4-year-old son, to a public or an independent religious school. Read more

Talking to Teens About Vaping, Alcohol & Drugs

By: Collett Smart

For parents and teachers alike, vaping, alcohol and other drugs are high on their radar right now, so I decided it was time to address it on the Raising Teenagers podcast, by chatting to Paul Dillon. Read more

Raising Gen Alpha in the Great Screen Age

By: Mark McCrindle

In the last two decades technology has advanced at lightning speed, and it can be challenging for all of us – no matter what generation we are a part of – to keep up. Read more

Parties and Alcohol – Do Parents Have Any Influence on Teens?

By: Collett Smart

Festivities can be so much fun, and parties provide opportunities for socialising and a little freedom for older teens. Read more

6 Tips on Young Teens, Sleepovers and Parties

By: Collett Smart

There is something both exhilarating and scary about the freedom that comes with being a teenager. Some of the teens I chat with mention how much they love going out with friends, but feel conflicted about the peer pressure around sleepovers, parties and alcohol. Read more