Parties and Alcohol – Do Parents Have Any Influence on Teens?

By: Collett Smart

Festivities can be so much fun, and parties provide opportunities for socialising and a little freedom for older teens. Read more

6 Tips on Young Teens, Sleepovers and Parties

By: Collett Smart

There is something both exhilarating and scary about the freedom that comes with being a teenager. Some of the teens I chat with mention how much they love going out with friends, but feel conflicted about the peer pressure around sleepovers, parties and alcohol. Read more

The Importance of Touch in Raising Teens – Tips for Parents

By: Collett Smart

A shortage of healthy touch can have detrimental effects on our health and wellbeing, even leading to psychologically damaging effects.
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Connecting with Teens – 6 Tips

By: Collett Smart

“I love teenagers!” Yet… I find that whenever I say this phrase people look at me and chuckle, as if waiting for the punchline. There is none. Read more

9 Ideas for Screen Time Balance

By: Collett Smart

Nature is known to provide cognitive benefits and enhance our overall physical and mental wellbeing. Yet, for some tweens, spending too much time on technology, sees them not getting enough exercise or spending enough time outdoors. So how do we help our young people create a healthy screen time balance?  Read more

Compassion is Key in Handling Cyber Safety Issues with Kids

By: Steff Willis, 96five

A recent study conducted by the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation revealed that 4 in 5 parents would respond with anger and blame if they discovered their child was sharing inappropriate images online.
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Traumatic Events in the News: 10 Tips for Supporting Young People

By: Collett Smart

Weekly news reports of traumatic images and stories of pain and destruction such as; natural disasters (bushfires, floods, volcanoes and earthquakes), the coronavirus, terrorist attacks, threats of war and shootings can cause great concern in children. Read more

Michelle McLaughlin: Finding Hope After Losing a Child

By: Georgia Free

January 6, 2014. Michelle McLaughlin was excited to be on holiday with her husband, children and parents-in-law, on NSW’s Central Coast. Little did Michelle know, an afternoon trip to the beach was about to become the worst day of her life. Read more

Preparing Your Child for “Big School”

By: Brendan Jaensch

There are often two extreme responses when it comes to children starting school for the first time: some excitedly run into school grounds, never looking back, while others cling to mum and dad for dear life. And it’s not just the children who experience a whirl of emotions, either. Some parents are also trying to hold it all together. Read more

The Most Influential People in the World

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

Think about the most influential men and women who have ever lived; those who have brought the most good into the world. I’m sure that a few names spring to mind. But perhaps they aren’t the most influential people in the world. Perhaps the most influential people in the world were their parents. Read more