The Changing Role of Fathers

By: McCrindle

Those tasked with the important job of parenting Generation Alpha are likely to be those of Generations X and Y. While most Baby Boomers were shaped in households where fewer mums worked outside the home, today the majority of parents are two-income earning. Read more

Empowering Our Kids For Community

By: Robert Garrett

Empowerment is a concept synonymous with our times. We hear a lot about the empowerment of women, teens, and other groups in society. But I’m not entirely sure we all share the same understanding of what empowerment means. Read more

Child Protection Week: Teach Consent Early, Warn Child Psychologists

By: Michael Crooks

Disturbing new research has revealed that most pre-school children are left vulnerable to sexual abuse because they have not been taught about consent. Read more

Parenting an ADHD Child

By: Dr Justin Coulson

ADHD is one of the most provocative diagnoses that exists in the world of child and adolescent psychology. Tell someone that your child has ADHD and armchair experts will tell you exactly what the issue is: Read more

Why I’m not Afraid to Take my Kids Out in Public

By: Jenny Baxter

A few years ago, there was a news report about a Christchurch family who visited a local café. By accident they discovered they were labelled as the “family with the terrifying kid”! Read about it here. Read more

How to Build Your Family’s Resilience During the COVID Crisis

By: Laura Bennett

The COVID-19 crisis has tested the resilience of families across the world. In Australia, our lockdowns feel never-ending, and we have to ask ourselves, how do we build resilience through this and, if you’ve got kids, teach them to do the same? Read more

Most Asked About Parenting Topics: “Queen of Common Sense” Maggie Dent

By: Sam Robinson

After answering tricky parenting questions for years on her podcast Parental As Anything, Maggie Dent has released a book featuring the most asked about topics. Read more

What’s Your Parenting Style?

By: Dr Justin Coulson

There’s a phrase I hear a lot. It’s usually some variation on the following: “There’s no one right way to parent.” Read more

A Balanced Approach to Parenting in the 21st Century

By: McCrindle

Those tasked with the important job of parenting today’s children are likely to be those of Generations X and Y. They are parenting their children (Gen Z and Gen Alpha) in different ways to how they themselves were parented. Read more

Avoiding Burns in the Home: CPR Kids’ Advice for Winter Safety

By: Sam Robinson

In winter it’s easy to worry about kids getting cold, but our greatest concern should be keeping kids safe. Read more