Happy Families Podcast: The 3 Words Your Child Needs to Hear

By: Dr Justin Coulson

As a parent, how can you show unconditional love towards your child when you don’t agree or accept their decisions that they’re making in life? 
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Happy Families Podcast: Me Time vs We Time

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Do you need time away from the family or does the family need time together? Read more

Supporting Your QuaranTeen

By: Collett Smart

The day in a life of a quaranteen is different to what teens usually do. What can you do to help your teen through self isolation and staying at home? Read more

Happy Families Podcast: Perfect Parenting Will Crush Your Soul

By: Dr Justin Coulson

We all want to be good parents, but what happens when your perfectionism gets in the way of that? Dr Justin Coulson discusses this on the Happy Families podcast. Read more

Happy Families Podcast: Ultimate Parenting Triggers

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Having triggers is a part of the human experience but can we control them? Read more

84 Per Cent of Parents Find it Hard to Be Imaginative With Their Kids, Says New Play Report

By: Laura Bennett

Watching your kids pull out the toys and race cars across the lounge room floor, or create tea parties for the dolls and dinosaurs to enjoy, is an observation of imagination. Read more

Happy Families Podcast: Teach Your Children To Love Giving

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Kylie shares a great tradition that their family does together to give to others
  • Secret Sisters in the Coulson house
  • Brand new science released tells us that we can actually create kids who want to give

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Happy Families Podcast: When Kids Ask for Expensive Gifts

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Topics discussed in this episode:

– How to avoid materialism in your children
– Don’t try to keep up with the Jones’s
– Get creative
– Plan ahead
– Change the focus
– Be an example Read more

How to Discipline Children Effectively Without Using Consequences or Punishment

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Hi Dr Justin,

I’ve been reading your books and trying my hardest to follow what you say we should do. But I’m struggling with one thing. You say we should remember to discipline our children by teaching them. My question is what is the difference between acceptable consequences vs punishments. Read more