Building Men and Dads to Change Generations

By: Helping Hands

Each year, Dads4Kids hosts a Men’s Leadership Summit to equip men to be the best version of themselves. Read more

Top Five Essential Resources For Parents

By: Focus on the Family

There’s no doubt about it – parenting is a difficult and often thankless task that we seem to work tirelessly for. Read more

Fight for Children’s Mental Health Gains ‘Momentum’

By: Steff Willis

Momentum is a comprehensive self-help digital mental health program that brings vital evidence-informed treatments, tools and techniques to the fingertips of seven to 17-year-olds who are experiencing common mental health issues. Read more

Motherhood: When the Dream Doesn’t Match the Reality

By: Barbara Gleeson

I raised three daughters and during the last pregnancy my husband, Bill, was diagnosed with serious health conditions which led to chronic fatigue and a limitation of what he could do and contribute to the family. Read more

Protecting Our Children: Essential Strategies Every One Should Know

By: Steff Willis

As parents, caregivers, or simply adults in the lives of children, it’s our responsibility to equip our young ones with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate our world. Read more

Our Young People Need Community, Says Expert Panel

By: Helping Hands

Children and young people today have greater access to information and resources than any other generation in history. Read more

Dr Justin Coulson on How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

By: Ben McEachen

Getting caught in the “Screaming Spiral” may be a constant and worrying part of your home life. Read more

How to Be the “World’s Best Dad” (Without Added Guilt or Stress)

By: Helping Hands

Dads4Kids started in 2002 with the dream to make Australian dads the best dads in the world – at least in their own kids’ eyes. And they believe that the key is intentionally finding opportunities to spend time with your kids. Read more

Emmys Speech Highlights Motherhood as a Superpower

By: Joni Boyd

Is motherhood a hidden superpower? Sarah Snook and Serena Williams are kicking goals, while being honest about the cost and struggle of motherhood. Read more

10 Indoor Activities For Summer

By: Lorrene McClymont 

In the heat of summer, sometimes the best option for parents with kids, is to stay home and enjoy the air-conditioning. Read more