Blended Family Grandparenting

By: Robert Busha

Often, I relive the adventure of whacking through brush “on safari” in the woods with my step-grandsons, Andrew and Aaron. Read more

A Grand Influence: How to Bond With Your Grandkids

By: Jill Savage 

Most grandparents want to be an asset to their grandchildren — provide a listening ear, welcome heart and safe place for kids to emotionally land. But how does one do this? Read more

Parenting Hack: Send Your Kids on Secret Missions

By: Kit Densley

I love the weather in autumn, cooler evenings and a freshness to the mornings but still plenty of sun to be enjoyed. Except for when it’s raining! Read more

How to Choose a Child Psychologist

By: Valerie Ling

It can be overwhelming to find and decide on a child psychologist. Even more so now in an era when many children have heightened anxiety. Read more

We Should Incentivise Child-Bearing, Says Social Scientist Nicholas Eberstadt

By: James Bennett

In 2022, 75% of all countries worldwide had fertility rates below replacement levels, including wealthy Western nations and emerging economies such as India, China, Brazil and Turkey. Read more

Know the Signs of Postnatal Depression

By: Michelle Nortje

Anyone who is about to become a parent, or who has friends or family members who have recently had a child, should be aware of the signs and symptoms of perinatal depression. 

Read more

Starting School Well: the ABCs of Transitioning to School

By: Amy Cheng

Starting school for the first time can be scary for both a child and their parents, however, an academic specialising in early childhood education has come up with a simple recipe to make that transition easier.
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How the Ultimate Dad Dads

By: City Bible Forum

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a new Australian podcast from funny-guy Hamish Blake. Read more

High School Exam Support Tips for Parents

By: Collett Smart

Exam time can be a stressful period for the whole family. I’m thinking ‘first year of High School’ exams, the bigger ‘final years of school’ exams and the ‘end of each year’ exams in general. Read more

Do You Interrupt Your Child’s Study to Ask How It’s Going? Try This Instead

By: Amy Cheng

Parents are unknowingly hindering their child’s studying when they go into their rooms and ask how their study is going, a new survey has revealed – students also revealed the ways in which parents could be helpful in the lead up to exams. Read more