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Do You Have the Wrong Impression About Christians?

By: Andrew Laird

Lately, my TikTok feed has been filled with videos of dangerous Australian animals; huge snakes in the roof, giant spiders in the bathroom, kangaroos attacking people on the street. Read more

A Famous Concert Violinist Busks in a Subway – Why Does Nobody Stop?

By: Sam Chan

In 2007, in a famous experiment, Grammy-winning violin player, Joshua Bell, played his violin in a Washington subway but nobody stopped to listen. Read more

What the World’s Most Famous Atheist Says About Christianity Now

By: Akos Balogh

Famous British Atheist Richard Dawkins used to say that raising children to be Christian was a form of child abuse. Read more

How to Overcome Fear When Sharing Jesus

By: yesHEis

Have you ever wanted to share your faith with someone, but that little voice inside of you stopped you in your tracks? Read more

Okay Thought Leaders: It’s Time to Stop Bagging Out the “Average Church Member”

By: Stephen McAlpine

2024 would be a good time for “thought leaders” to stop bagging out everyday Christians (if that is even a term). Read more

Is Russell Finally Branding Himself A Christian?

By: Stephen McAlpine

If you haven’t seen the Youtube video of enfant terrible/comedian/possible sexual predator (choose your poison) Russell Brand declaring that he’s getting seriously interested in Christianity – nay, seriously interested in Christ himself – then stop everything and watch it now. Read more

A Christian Response to Suicide: Learning from the Past

By: Brian Harris

I’m taking today’s blog in a somewhat different direction, and a bit of a warning is appropriate. Read more

The Two Basic Human Needs: Bios and Zoë

By: Sheridan Voysey

As previously mentioned, Merryn and I have been immersed in a much-needed house renovation. Read more