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In an Information Age, Is Our Knowledge Exceeding Our Wisdom?

By: Michael McQueen

Is our knowledge exceeding our wisdom? Read more

Digital Leadership Summit – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane this July

by Kim Wilkinson

Take a courageous step towards the future with Imminent Leadership Summit – a one day learning experience on innovation, digital, brand, and engagement.

Join peers and leading practitioners for IMMINENT – a collective learning environment with robust discussions, case studies and practical next steps through the lenses of church, media, social justice, not-for-profits and education.

The focus is both the immediate and future actions needed in the spaces of digital, brand, engagement and innovation.

This one day summit will be held in the following cities:

Brisbane – Monday 11th July – 10am to 4pm

Melbourne – Tuesday 12th July – 10am to 4pm

Sydney – Thursday 14th July – 10am to 4pm

IMMINENT  will provide you and your team with a roadmap to be pro-active and innovative, presenting solid answers to these (and more) questions:

  • How can I lead and cultivate innovation in my context?
  • What do I need to consider so as to engage with technology wisely?
  • Who is my brand? (and why does it matter)
  • Post-lockdowns… what is the future intersection for virtual and face-to-face?
  • What is Web 3.0? And do I need to engage with NFTs, Blockchain andCrypto?
  • What are the ethical implications and moral choices likely to arise in aWeb3 world?
  • What does research tell us about the future for engagement, community development and donor retention?
  • How have the rules of engagement changed – and how do I play?…. And more.

Find out more and register online now – Imminent Leadership Summit

Headshot of all the speakers at Imminent Summit


Guest speakers and conversation hosts include:

Nils Smith
Chief Strategist Social Media + Innovation

Richenda Vermeulen
Founder and CEO, ntegrity (Panel – Melbourne only)

Dave Adamson – aka Aussie Dave
Digital Strategist, Author and Speaker

Sam Valich
Senior Director of Global Brand at Compassion

Stuart Cranney
Director of Innovation, CV Global

Joshua Crowther
Executive Director, Dunham+Company Australia

So, bring yourself and your team members as together we’ll seek to provide answers you can start using tomorrow.

Article thanks to Christian Media and Arts Australia

Mission, Ministry and Maliciousness in the Metaverse

By: Stephen McAlpine

So there you are minding your own business in the Metaverse, when someone comes alongside you and abuses you for spending too much money on that virtual pair of Nikes you purchased with your Christmas money. It gets so heated that you don’t know where to turn.
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Making Space: Rediscovering Rest in the Unrelenting Digital Age

By: Stephen McAlpine

How do we make space, to rest and be still, in this constantly “on” age? Is it even possible any longer? Are we so attached to our technology that we have lost the ability to tune out and turn off? And if it is impossible, what are the implications for us relationally and spiritually? Read more

How Augmented Reality Is Becoming an Everyday Reality for Today’s Students

By: Michael McQueen

The importance of technology in education is becoming increasingly undeniable in schools around the globe. Read more

What on Earth is an NFT? A Tech Expert Explains the Digital Phenomenon

By: Sam Robinson

Non-Fungible Tokens (or NFTs) have dominated headlines over the last month. But what exactly are they? Welcome to NFT101. Read more

The Future is Arriving Ahead of Schedule, Thanks to COVID

By: Michael McQueen

Whatever the circumstance, one thing we can be sure of is that the future is coming. No matter the success of the standards and systems of the past, disruption is inevitable. Read more