Coronavirus Update 18 March — Latest Important Information

By: Clare Bruce

This article provides you with information released on Wednesday 18th March in regards to COVID-19 Read more

Spread the Gospel, Not COVID-19

By: yesHeis

By now everyone should be aware of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Whilst the immediate concerns are real and require wisdom, prayer and action by individuals, governments and organisations; I’m left thinking about the long term impact on society as a whole. Read more

Dear Christian, When The Pandemic Hits, This Is Our Time

By: Akos Balogh

I’m guessing you’re starting to feel a little nervous.

The Coronavirus situation seems to be escalating day by day. Read more

What to Say to Children and Teens About COVID-19

By: Collett Smart

Like many reading this, I am a parent to 3 children – and the talk of COVID-19 hasn’t left our house much in the last few weeks, especially since the flow of information (and misinformation) has picked up. It’s difficult to ignore isn’t it? Read more

Coronavirus: Call for Calm – Helpful Information

By: Clare Bruce

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is calling for calm over the coronavirus outbreak, since January 2020, as people strip supermarket shelves of food and toilet paper. Read more

Original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page Urges: “Learn CPR”

By: Clare Bruce

The original ‘Yellow Wiggle’ Greg Page, who had a brush with death in January, has posted a video urging people to learn CPR, and advocating for more life-saving Automatic External Defibrillators (AED machines) to be kept in public places. Read more

Wuhan Pastor for Prayer Amid Coronavirus Crisis

By: Clare Bruce

A pastor in Wuhan, the city at the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak in China, has written a letter to the church at large asking for prayer, and urging his fellow believers in Wuhan to have courage in the face of their trial. Read more

SBS News Reader Anton Urges Aussies to Take the Bowel Screening Test; It Saved His Life

By: Clare Bruce

In December 2017, beloved SBS newsreader Anton Enus suddenly disappeared from Australia’s TV screens.
Read more

I Joined the Gym

By: Yvette Cherry

Here’s a scary thing that I’ve done lately: I joined the gym.
Read more

What is Nutritional Yeast?

By: Susan Joy

What is Nutritional yeast? Here’s your comprehensive guide to the health benefits and how to use it in your everyday meals. Read more