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Housing Crisis: “The System is Broken”

By: Mike Crooks

With the Australian housing crisis reaching fever pitch, a new event is about to shine a light on the hardship of many Australians – and provide possible solutions. Read more

The Jeremiah Project: From Homelessness to a Future of Hope

By: Helping Hands

The Jeremiah Project is an inspiring organisation in Western Sydney that exists to bring hope and a future to people experiencing homelessness.  Read more

Homelessness: “It Could Never Happen To Me…”

By: Lorren McClymont

As Mission Australia shines a light on hidden homelessnesswe have been learning some of the staggering facts and figures around homelessness, such as only 7% of those experiencing homelessness are sleeping rough on our streets. Read more

From Darkness to Hope: Malena’s Triumph Over Hidden Homelessness

By: Rachel Reva

Amidst the hidden crisis of homelessness in Australia, there are countless untold stories of strength and resilience. Read more

Help Fight Hidden Homelessness, this National Homelessness Week

By: Clare Bruce

You may not see it, but the crisis of homelessness is growing and never far away, with more than 122,000 Australians now homeless every night. Read more

Hidden Homeless: New Data Reveals a Crisis

By: Mike Crooks

The scourge of homelessness is getting worse in Australia. Read more

Older Women Most At Risk of Homelessness

By: Georgia Free

Alarmingly, there are more than 116,000 people experiencing homelessness in Australia on any given night. But one group in particular is facing increased risks and danger – older women. Read more

‘Some Happy Day’ – New Film Humanises Homelessness

By: Laura Bennett

The issue of homelessness is a prevalent one in Australia. Pre-pandemic, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said that on any given night in Australia one in every 200 of us will be homeless. Read more