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Can Minds Be Changed in an Era of Stubbornness?

By: Laura Bennett

Despite the amount of information and varied opinions we have access to these days, it’s very easy for us to become stuck in our ways with stubbornly fixed worldviews that reflect the boundaries of our social circles and online media feeds. Read more

8 Ways to Promote Your Business For Free, Online

By: Rachel Reva

15 years ago, the yellow pages and TV ads were the only way you could get people to discover your business. Read more

The Key to the Customer Experience? Kill Confusion

By: Michael McQueen

There is no faster way to kill the customer experience than with confusion. Read more

Struggling to Sell Ideas? Try Being Uglier, Dumber and More Doubtful

By: Michael McQueen

Earlier this year, a cereal brand faked a whole set of endorsements and got away with it. Read more

The Robots are Writing… It’s Time to Dial Up the Humanness

By: Michael McQueen

A couple of years ago, I caught a typo in the Wall Street Journal. It was in one of the regular email newsletters that I had signed up for, called The Future of Everything. Written by staff at the WSJ, the newsletter always has a warm and conversational tone while keeping the polish and elegance of a publication of such prestige. Read more

How to Get the Stubborn to Budge

By: Michael McQueen

There are few things more frustrating than an opponent who won’t budge. Read more

Why Repetition is a Powerful Tool for Marketers, Teachers and Leaders

By: Michael McQueen

If you have ever found yourself believing that humans only use 10 percent of their brain, that vitamin C cures a cold or that eating carrots improves eyesight, you have experienced the persuasive impact of repetition.[1] Read more

Stories Sell… Here is Why

By: Michael McQueen

Storytelling is one of the hottest buzzwords of the last few years. Far from being merely a trend or fad though, the power of narrative is unrivalled in its ability to capture and maintain the attention of a listener. Read more

Why Virtual Reality Might be Our Best Shot at Restoring Human Empathy

By: Michael McQueen

In a world of increasing polarisation, empathy stands out as a virtue that restores humanity to conversations and is persuasively powerful enough to change even the firmest of opinions. Read more