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Christian Persecution on the Rise Globally, but Hope Exists

By: Laura Bennett

Christians have long been persecuted for their faith, but according to the Open Doors annual World Watch List report, rates of violence and hostility toward Christians have increased dramatically with 365 milllion Christians now oppressed because of their religious beliefs. Read more

Christians in Syria and Turkey Call for Prayer After Deadly Earthquake

By: Open Doors

Churches in Turkey and Syria are calling for Christians around the world to pray, after the massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that has killed almost 4,000 people.

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Report Reveals Christians Are Facing Growing Persecution

By: Alex Milne

Over the 30 years of the Open Doors World Watch List reporting, the global phenomenon of Christian persecution has grown alarmingly.
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Vale Brother Andrew, Founder of Global Charity Open Doors

By: 96five

Global Christian charity founder, Brother Andrew, has died at his Netherlands home yesterday aged 94. Read more

Afghanistan: Now the Most Dangerous Country for Christians

By: Michael Crooks

The retreat of US Forces and its allies from Afghanistan in 2021 has exposed the country’s Christians to renewed persecution and danger. Read more

Palm Sunday Attack on Indonesian Church

Fourteen people have been injured, and a suicide bomber killed, in a terrorist attack on a Catholic church in South Sulawesi, just after their Palm Sunday mass. Read more

COVID-19 Intensifies Discrimination Against Christians

By: Kim Wilkinson

According to annual report released this month, COVID-19 has intensified the persecution and discrimination of at least 340 million Christians around the world. Read more

Torture, Rejection and Love? – The Power of Prayer

By: Murray Noble

When Khan* found Jesus, he was forced to live a Christian life in secrecy. That was until he decided to be baptised. Read more

woman Egypt

North Korea, Egypt and Pakistan All Have a Problem—and it’s Affecting Millions

By Tim Reid | Open Doors

Following Jesus is a pretty comfortable option in Australia—but for over 215 million Christians around the world (that’s one in every 12 believers), it now means high levels of persecution. Read more

What Australian Christians Can Learn From The Persecuted Church

By Tim Reid | Open Doors

Above: A congregation of determined believers in Nigeria holds a church service in the open air, in front of what was once their church, now destroyed.

“We [celebrate Easter] knowing that at any time a suicide bomber can come and disrupt our service, our worship, our praying. Then I think: Will it really be disrupted or will I be sent into the fullness of worship?” Read more