How to Get Better at Prayer

By: Tania Harris | God Conversations

How do we pray and how do we get better at prayer? What is prayer? What does it do, and most importantly, how do we build the kind of relationship that invites two-way communication with God?

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Major Milestones for UK Wall of Answered Prayer Christian Landmark

By: Global News Alliance

The Wall of Answered Prayer is a piece of public art with one million bricks, each representing an answered prayer.
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How to Stop Getting Distracted During Prayer and Bible Study

By: Brittany Ann

Do you constantly find yourself distracted during prayer and Bible study?

If so, it’s not just you.

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Respect Your Right this Election Weekend – Make Voting a Priority

By: Murray Norman

The NSW State Election is on this Saturday 23rd of March.  It’s important as community members that we make it a priority in our weekend – to pray, consider and vote. Read more

Why Muslim and Christian Leaders are Praying for the Gunman Behind the Christchurch Terror Attack

Above: (L) Farid Ahmed of the Al Noor Mosque and Christchurch Anglican Bishop, Rev Peter Carrell. (Sources: Screen shot, BBC, and NZ Anglican Life)

By: Clare Bruce

In a show of unlikely grace, some Muslim and Christian leaders alike are praying not only for the faith community, but also for the Australian gunman who carried out Friday’s horrific terror attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Read more

How to Join Australia’s National Day of Prayer on March 2

By: Clare Bruce

There’s many ways to join the National Day of Prayer and Fasting this Saturday, March 2. Read more

Pray Because You Need To

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

Pray because you want to, not because you’ve been told to! About ten years ago, my doctor told me that I had a serious health problem, and that if I didn’t address it, I would be in a wheelchair in a few years. He told me that I needed to change my diet and exercise regularly. At the time, I was feeling very unwell, so I was highly motivated to follow his instructions. I did it because I had to. Within a year, my health problem had cleared up. Then I stopped the exercise. Read more


When Someone Else Gets the Answer to Your Prayer

By: Jennie Scott

I’ve been praying a specific prayer for several years now. Years.

But the answer still remains “no” — or at least, “not yet. Read more


Is God Answering My Prayers?

By: Laura Bennett

Fundamental to our relationship with God, is prayer: a shared conversation between He and us, where we tell Him our desires (read: vent) and He listens, responding with comfort, revelation, and sometimes it seems – silence.

Prayer is a connection to the divine, and a universal way to request help, or offer thanks to ‘the Big Guy’. Read more