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Taco Beef and Sweet Potato Bake

By: Susan Joy

This healthy meal of Taco Beef and Sweet Potato Bake is the perfect weeknight meal. Read more

Lemon & Almond Cake with Glaze

By: Susan Joy

This moist Lemon and Almond cake has a refreshing citrus flavour. Read more

Healthy Overnight Breakfast Oats

By: Kelli Kieselbach

Do you struggle with finding healthy breakfast choices that don’t take hours of prep and keep you going until lunch? Read more

Chocolate Almond Spread Recipe: Delicious, Refined-Sugar Free

By: Susan Joy

This is a quick and easy recipe for Chocolate Almond Spread for when you have a chocolate craving but want to go sugar-free and paleo. Read more

Beef Kofta with Tzatziki Sauce

By: Susan Joy

Kofta is a type of Middle Eastern meatball or rissole dish. I’ve used beef mince, but lamb or chicken mince is also suitable. Read more

Classic Meatloaf

By: Susan Joy

This traditional Meatloaf is packed with delicious flavours from the cooked onions, Worcestershire sauce and wholegrain mustard. Read more

Sweet Potato & Walnut Muffins

By: Susan Joy

These healthy Sweet Potato & Walnut Muffins are moist and tasty, but best of all, they are rich in nutrients and fibre. Read more

Marshmallow Frosting

By: Susan Joy

A delightfully light and fluffy Marshmallow Frosting that looks really impressive on a chocolate cake. Read more

Vanilla Cashew Frosting

By: Susan Joy

My creamy Vanilla Cashew Frosting is paleo, dairy-free and plant-based. Soaked and blended cashews help make the lovely creamy base to this frosting. Read more

Pecan Shortbread Cookies

By: Susan Joy

These easy, no-fuss Pecan Shortbread Cookies are made with just a few ingredients and taste awesome with the addition of roasted pecans. Read more