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The New ‘Business As Usual’ – How Generative AI is Set to Change 2024

By: Michael McQueen

Whatever game you are playing, generative AI is changing it. Read more

Taylor Swift is Not Alone: The Growing Nightmare of AI Deepfake Porn

By: Akos Balogh

Megastar Taylor Swift is never far from the headlines. Read more

What is Your Operating System?

By: Sam Chan

Do you own a smartphone? Read more

Artificial Intelligence and the Christian Faith

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

In our rapidly advancing world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force, bringing both benefits and challenges to society. Read more

Screen and Social Media Use Amongst Young Aussies

By: Mark McCrindle

Today, a vast majority of connection is carried out online. With the internet, social media, and instant messaging making sociability possible at all times, this ease of instant connectivity has created both benefits and challenges for people to navigate. Read more

Will you Help Emojis Rule The World?

By: Dr Pete Court

Emojis are the new global language. The democratised, adaptable communication of the future. Read more

Is AI Reinforcing Gender Inequity? These SXSW Sydney Panelists Say It’s a Risk

By: Laura Bennett

Since ChatGPT was unleashed in the world on November 30, last year, the implications of generative artificial intelligence – a form of AI that can create content – are being understood in real time. Read more

Beyond ChatGPT: Here’s How AI Has Already Infiltrated Our Everyday

By: Michael McQueen

Since the advent of ChatGPT last year, few things have dominated the public discussion in the tech and business world more than generative AI and chatting with robots. Read more

AI and Christian Faith: What Does the Bible Have to Say?

By: Akos Balogh

[The following is an edited version of the talk I gave on ‘Christian Faith and AI’, at a Men’s Breakfast at Anglican Churches Springwood (NSW), on Saturday Sep 16th 2023]

In the iconic 1993 movie Terminator 2, the AI Terminator Robot played by Arnold Schwarzenegger tells his human companions Sarah Connor and Joel Connor how Skynet was built. Read more

Personalisation is Getting Personal: Here’s Where Tech Trends Meet Food Fads

By: Michael McQueen

If there are two trends that consumers have come to prioritise in recent years they are personalisation and health. Read more