How Social Media Is Capitalising on Its Youngest Users

By: Michael McQueen

Years ago, social media well and truly lived up to its name. Platforms which enabled the easy exchange of photos and statuses, these media allowed individual engagement for purely social purposes. The last decade has seen social media evolve into something much more overwhelming, addictive and ultimately lucrative than their original ‘social’ role, especially as their most native users have grown up into their most powerful and profitable consumers. Read more

Has Digital Technology Been Good For Teenagers? It Depends.

By: Akos Balogh

Teenagers are massive users of digital technology.

The current generation of teenagers – known as ‘iGen’ – have grown up in the age of the iPhone and social media. Most of them can’t remember a time without a smartphone in their home, which they (probably) had access to during their ‘screen-time’. Digital tech is as much a part of their lives as pimples and puberty. It’s part of growing up in today’s world. Read more

Are Refurbished Phones Value For Money? A Tech Expert’s Thoughts

By: Sam Robinson

You might be surprised as you head through the checkout to see that some supermarkets have started selling refurbished smartphones. Read more

3 Ways Technology Is Making Life More Affordable

By: Michael McQueen

We often think of emerging technology as the field of high-level businesspeople and Silicon Valley tech wizards. We don’t often see today’s innovations as being a tool for enhancing accessibility, increasing affordability and empowering equality. Read more

3 Simple Tips for Managing Screen Time for the Whole Family

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Have we all become slack-jawed zombies, staring blankly at our screens? According to research from around the globe, one of the most significant impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on parents and children (outside of the enormous and sad loss of life) is that screens are taking over! Read more

How Driverless Cars Will Steer Us Off the Beaten Track

By: Michael McQueen

It has become a well-known fact in recent years that driverless cars are a future that is soon to arrive. In characteristically ambitious fashion, Tesla founder Elon Musk suggests we will see true autonomous driving available to the public within the next few years. Read more

Is TikTok OK For My Kids? Psychologist Collett Smart Helps You Decide

By: Katrina Roe

TikTok has exploded onto the social media scene in the last two years. Read more

The Future is Arriving Ahead of Schedule, Thanks to COVID

By: Michael McQueen

Whatever the circumstance, one thing we can be sure of is that the future is coming. No matter the success of the standards and systems of the past, disruption is inevitable. Read more

Why Are Digital Natives Finding Online Work So Unnatural?

By: Michael McQueen

Working from home has certainly been far from bliss for many of us. Attempting to do our office work within the clutter and distraction of home, navigating complex online modes of engagement and doing so within the stress of such an uncertain time has made this new work form challenging. Read more

The Future of Work and the Skills Needed

By: McCrindle

The future of work is defined by more than just technological change. It is also impacted by sociological change. Read more