Susie Youssef on Why TV Show ‘Making It Australia’ Will Inspire Creativity

By: Sam Robinson

Creativity and a sense of craftiness is key in the new feel-good show Making It Australia.

Over the last few years, many of us have taken on new hobbies as lockdowns have forced us indoors. Now, a show celebrating everyday Australians with skills in the areas of woodwork, metalwork, plumbing and design, is hitting our screens.

Making It Australia features 13 amazing makers from around Australia competing in various challenges. Host Susie Youssef explains it’s the kind of show that lets contestants’ imaginations run wild.

“They’re all from their own school of thought as far as art and craft goes,” Susie said.

“But throughout the show they lean in to a bunch of different materials. Every week they have to make something based on a theme. How they choose to interpret the challenge is up to them. So, you don’t have to be an expert in everything, but they’re pretty amazing human beings.”

Making It Australia promo picture
Source: Official Susie Youssef Facebook

Susie is a well-respected actor and comedian, regularly on our screens on panel show The Sunday Project, and drama Rosehaven. But is she someone who gets creative with her hands?

“I get asked this question a lot. I think I might be possibly the worst person for the job. I’m not particularly good,” Susie said.

“I love craft, but the great thing about hosting a craft show is you don’t have to do very much of it, well,” – Making It Australia host Susie Youssef

“I love craft, but the great thing about hosting a craft show is you don’t have to do very much of it, well. I dabble throughout the show. Harley [Breen], my co-host is really great at making stuff. I’m better at making jokes.”

The idea of “the journey” has become a bit of a reality TV cliché, but in a show like Making It, there’s great reward in watching these makers create from scratch. And it might just provide inspiration for us to get creative at home in new ways.

“At the moment doing anything to distract you, getting out of your head, is really important,” Susie said.

“Crafting has become almost meditative.

“It helps you to settle your breath, and also it’s just really fun! And at the moment, couldn’t we do with a bit more of that?”

 Making It Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30pm on 10.

Article supplied with thanks to Hope Media.