God’s Voice Brings Grace in the Midst of Domestic Violence [Testimony]

By: Tania Harris

God’s words have the power to transform lives. Jesus said they are “spirit and they are life” (John 6:63) and that we can’t live without them (Matthew 4:4). Here’s a testimony from our online community that shows how God’s words bring grace and hope to the darkest of circumstances: Read more

After COVID-19: What Will Never Be the Same

By: Michael McQueen

With the dramatic changes that have occurred across the globe in recent months in the midst of our modern crisis, many of our standing systems have had to rework their regular ways of doing business. Read more

Tax Time – Here’s What You Can Expect to Claim If You Worked From Home

By: Christine Addis

It is that time of year again and there is excitement in the air as the possibility of a tax refund dangles before us. Read more

To the Mum Who Thought She’d Be Better at Mothering

By: Jennie Scott

When I was a little girl, all I wanted to be was a mother. Sure, I played around with being a marine biologist (who knew you had to be good at science?!), and I would teach school to my dolls and stuffed animals. Read more

When You Just Don’t Feel Like Loving

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

Just admit it: you know you have to love people, but sometimes you just don’t feel like loving. It can be the hardest thing to do! So, what do you do? Read more

COVID-19 and Our Foodie Culture. Will It Ever Be the Same?

By: McCrindle

Aussies enjoy eating out. It could be brunch on a warm Saturday afternoon, dinner at a family restaurant or making reservations at the new, popular spot all the food bloggers have been talking about. It is a quintessential cornerstone in our culture. Read more

The Letterbox Project: Connecting Isolated Australians Through Old-Fashioned Letters

By: Georgia Free

There’s something so special about writing a letter to someone, or, perhaps even better, receiving a letter. Read more

Are Your Kids ‘Fun’? It Matters.

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Fun kids are laughing, playing and generally having a good time on the playground. But they’re also building skills that will lead to better relationships. Read more

Bringing Music and Joy to Australia’s Remote Indigenous Kids: “Instruments for the Outback”

By: Clare Bruce

When Levi McGrath and Andrew Hornerman heard about the rising levels of youth suicide in Australia’s remote indigenous communities, their hearts broke—and they knew they had to take action. Read more

Why Think? A Tribute to Ravi Zacharias

By: City Bible Forum

Thinking about life’s biggest questions was the heart and passion of the late Ravi Zacharias who passed away just last month. As a tribute to Ravi, we explore how to find meaning and hope in a difficult world on this episode of the Bigger Questions podcast. Read more