Am I the Only One Who Can’t Do the Rubik’s Cube?

By: Sam Chan

I finally taught myself how to do the Rubik’s Cube by learning the algorithms. But I keep forgetting the algorithms. So I still need my children to solve it for me. Read more

Daniel Craig Farewells James Bond 007 in ‘No Time to Die’

By: Laura Bennett

Following the ever-changing release date of Daniel Craig’s last outing as Bond through the pandemic has almost made its arrival an emotive signifier of life’s return to normal. Read more

Is the Office Dead?

By: McCrindle

Since the beginning of the pandemic, for many, working from home has become the new normal. While it can have its challenges, the benefits seem to outweigh them. Read more

Forgiveness Frees Us

By: Sabrina Peters

We can’t change what’s happened to us, but we can choose to find freedom and healing through forgiveness. I know, it’s so easy to say, hard to do, but ultimately worth it. Read more

“Teach Them Early”: An Expert’s Guide to Kids and Money

By: Michael Crooks

Growing up in Gunnedah, NSW, Vanessa Stoykov was taught you had to work hard for your money. Read more

Apple ‘n’ Spice Smoothie

By: Susan Joy

This smoothie tastes just like an apple pie, it’s such a refreshing smoothie and a great way to start the day. It has a lovely creamy consistency and is packed with fibre and healthy fats. Read more

“The Great Resignation”: Why People Are Quitting Their Jobs

By: Michael Crooks

As the pandemic continued to wreak its turmoil this year, millions of people throughout the world began quitting their jobs. Read more

Don’t Be Half-Baked!

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

Ephraim compromises with the nations; he’s a half-baked cake (Hosea 7:8, ISV).
Read more

Australians Ready to Take Advantage of Black Friday

By: McCrindle

Black Friday (Friday 26th November 2021) unofficially kicks off the Christmas shopping season. In the US, it is the day after Thanksgiving, and for many years it has been the biggest single shopping day of the year. Over the last decade, it has emerged in Australia as a key date in the retail calendar. Read more

The Six Biggest Money Challenges Faced by Women

By: Ally Barnes

Helen Baker is a financial planner and the founder of On Your Two Feet. She has just released The Essential Guide to Financial Independence for all Women because “women often react, but they need to plan”. Read more