How the Emerging Economy Will Get You a Better Gig

By: Michael McQueen

While trends are known to come and go, it is not often you see the economy come full circle. Over 100 years ago, before the turn of the century and the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the notion of a salary was not commonplace. Some estimate that as little as 10% of workers had one, the rest of the population surviving off what we would now refer to as the ‘gig economy’. Read more

The Paradox of Marriage

By: Sabrina Peters

A paradox has often been thought of as something that is contradictory, yet true. I dare say, marriage consists of many. An intertwinement of antithetical elements that somehow simultaneously co-exist. Read more

Artist Spotlight With Hillsong United Ft. Jad Gillies

By: Rhema 99.7

A couple of weeks ago Hillsong United dropped a surprise live album The People Tour: Live From Madison Square Garden with a live concert video available on Amazon Prime Video. We caught up with worship leader and guitarist Jad Gillies to talk about the album release. Read more

The Land of Dumplings and Cheese Pie: A Look into Georgian Culture with Alice Zaslavsky

By: Georgia Free

Australia is a land of many cultures and tongues, and Harmony Week is the perfect time to spotlight a culture Australians may have never have heard of such as Georgia. Former MasterChef contestant Alice Zaslavsky spent just seven years of her life in the tiny country of Georgia but, as an adult, is now reclaiming and celebrating the culture she was born into. Read more

Aussies Open to Spiritual Conversations

By: Kim Wilkinson

New study finds that 4 in 5 Australians, particularly young people, are open to talking about spiritual topics, including views that are different from their own. Read more

Have We Moved on From Movie-Going?

By: Michael McQueen

When the world was in deep lockdown last year, a major trend that dominated social media surrounded people’s memories of ‘normal’ life. Clips of life before lockdown boasted scenes of exotic travel locations, shots of passports in hand, bustling crowds, concerts, festivals and interestingly, cinemas. Read more

Grace Is a Free Gift, Not a Free Pass

By: Sabrina Peters

Jesus came to give us a new life, not a new excuse! Read more

Positive Economic Outlook for Australia in 2021

By: McCrindle

While 2020 began with hope and optimism for a new year and decade, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly took hold of the world, and the subsequent lockdowns and restrictions having many personal impacts for people, but also on the economy. Despite a tough year in 2020, economists are positive about Australia’s recovery over the coming years.

Read more