The Letterbox Project: Connecting Isolated Australians Through Old-Fashioned Letters

By: Georgia Free

There’s something so special about writing a letter to someone, or, perhaps even better, receiving a letter. Read more

Bringing Music and Joy to Australia’s Remote Indigenous Kids: “Instruments for the Outback”

By: Clare Bruce

When Levi McGrath and Andrew Hornerman heard about the rising levels of youth suicide in Australia’s remote indigenous communities, their hearts broke—and they knew they had to take action. Read more

Job Loss is Not The End – It Could Be Your New Beginning

By: Hope Media

The economic downturn of 2020 has left thousands of Australians suddenly jobless, wondering what is ahead for them, and how to get back on their feet. Read more

A Groundbreaking Indigenous Approach to Policing is Making a Difference

Above: Warakurna elder Daisy Ward has a strong relationship with police officers Revis Ryder and Wendy Kelly.

By: Laura Bennett

Policing in remote indigenous communities has a troubled history—but one police station is doing things differently. Read more

Christian Writer Timothy Keller Asks for Prayer After “Providential” Cancer Diagnosis

By: Clare Bruce

Author and pastor Tim Keller has asked for prayers as he announced on social media that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in its early stages. Read more

The Blessing Australia: How A Song and a Global Movement Unified Our Nation’s Churches

By: Laura Bennett

When Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes and Stephen Furtick of Elevation Church began improvising a song based on the Biblical ‘Aaron’s Blessing’, little did they know it would soon be a source of comfort for millions during a pandemic – sparking a global movemement of cross-denominational worship. Read more

Hillsong’s Insights on Racial Tensions in the US

By: Laura Bennett

Feelings of guilt and shame are universal. We all have times where it seems we can’t get away from our past mistakes, and where present day failures could ruin our chances of future fulfilment. However, there are pathways out of shame, and that’s what season two of Hillsong Channel’s NOW with Natalie is set to tackle later this year. Read more

It’s Time to Pause Pandemic Thinking and Get Back to Future Dreaming, Says NY Times Bestseller Bob Goff

By: Laura Bennett

As we hit the halfway mark on 2020, it’s a year that’s looked nothing like many would have hoped or dreamed. In fact, it’s been a pretty crummy way to ‘embark on a whole new decade’ but, like any unforeseen situation, it can end up reorienting us and paving the way for a new (and oftentimes better) road ahead. Read more

Former Deputy Prime Minister Tribute to the Late Ravi Zacharias — “A Superb and Gracious Mind”

By: Hope 103.2

It may well be that not many Australians have heard of Ravi Zacharias, the Indian-born America-living Christian apologist. However, those who have would know him as a man who had a superb and gracious mind and who had helped an extraordinary number of people — including countless Australians — ‘find’ themselves. Read more

Men: It’s Okay If You’re Struggling With Isolation. These Tips Will Help You

By: Laura Bennett

Having our normal lives disrupted affects us all – but everyone is experiencing isolation in different ways, with different pressure points between men and women, young and old. Read more