Scott Morrison Won the Election by ‘Being Himself’

By: Clare Bruce

It was the ‘real’ Scott Morrison people saw on the campaign trail, with a capacity for compassion and change, which won him the votes to secure the Coalition’s surprise victory, says former Liberal politician – Stephen O’Doherty. Read more

A Message to Mums of Premmie Babies, and Grieving Parents

By: Clare Bruce

When everything your family is going well, it can be easy in holidays and family celebrations, to forget that others are doing it tough.
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The Joyous Story Behind This Aussie’s Eurovision Performance

By: Clare Bruce

Aussie pop singer Kate Miller-Heidke had her global Eurovision audience of millions spellbound, as she floated seemingly through space, singing like an opera diva about the joys of emerging from postnatal depression. Read more

Social Interaction is the Key to Good Mental Health for Seniors

By: Clare Bruce

When an elderly person starts to become forgetful, it’s not necessarily dementia. Read more

How in God’s Name Should I Vote? Podcast Now Available

By: Andrew Morris

We Australians can be a funny bunch – when it comes to politics we’re often more interested in the quality of our democracy sausage than the quality of our democracy.
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‘50 Shades Brighter’ – The Kindness Campaign

By: Clare Bruce

When Toni Powell first heard that 50 innocent people had been killed in a violent act of terror in Christchurch, she was – like most Aussies and Kiwis – devastated. Read more

Aussie Missionary Story Now a Feature Film Starring Stephen Baldwin

By: Clare Bruce

The tragic yet inspiring story of Australian missionary Graham Staines is one that will never be forgotten by India’s Christian community, who have suffered persecution for decades. Read more

Can You Believe It? Australian Christian Channel Turns 20 This Easter

By: Clare Bruce

This Easter weekend, as the folks at Australian Christian Channel remember Christ’s death and resurrection, they’ll also have a little extra to celebrate: their 20th birthday. Read more

City Crowds Witness a Bold Easter Message from Wesley Mission

Above: Members of Wesley Mission Church in Sydney – including William Lemalu dressed as Jesus – celebrate Palm Sunday in Circular Quay. Images: Wesley Mission / Facebook.

By: Clare Bruce

People wandering through Sydney’s Circular Quay couldn’t help but hear the message of Jesus on Sunday afternoon, as the people of Sydney’s Wesley Mission churches enacted Jesus Christ’s arrival in Jerusalem – in celebration of Palm Sunday. Read more

The Benefit of Adopting a Mantra

By: Duncan Robinson

I’ve been thinking a lot about goals, and how to achieve them. I’ve got a few this year. Read more