Susie Youssef on Why TV Show ‘Making It Australia’ Will Inspire Creativity

By: Sam Robinson

Creativity and a sense of craftiness is key in the new feel-good show Making It Australia. Read more

“Whole-Of-Life” Approach Needed to Prevent Violence Against Women, Says Report

By: Amy Cheng

Addressing sexual harassment and violence against women should take place over one’s lifespan, a new report has found. Read more

“I’m Grateful I Had a Brain Tumour” Says Comedy Writer Jeannie Gaffigan

By: Laura Bennett

In life’s hardest seasons, all of us have to make a choice about finding a way through, and deciding what will help us get to the other side. Read more

Australian Churches Unite to Offer Homes, Seek Extra Visas for Afghans

Above: Micah Australia executive director Tim Costello

By: Ben McEachen

The Australian Christian community has come together in a massive show of support and advocacy for Afghans fleeing the Taliban regime. Read more

Michael Keaton’s 9/11 ‘Worth’ Asks Can We Actually Valuate a Life? [Movie Review]

By: Laura Bennett

Twenty years on from the September 11 attacks in New York City, the trauma of that day still remains with many. The loss of loved ones is still felt, and the lingering impacts on international travel, security, cultural relations and global powers remain. Read more

Prayers for Missing Hunter Region Boy Unites Different Religious Communities

By: Amy Cheng

Religious communities are rejoicing and praising God after their prayers for a missing three-year-old boy were answered. Read more

Australia’s Oldest Man Celebrates His 109th Birthday – On Zoom!

By: Ben McEachen

Frank Mawer had a lockdown birthday on Sunday 15 August, with an appropriate COVID-safe Zoom party. Read more

Is ‘Love’ Given a Bad Name in ‘The Last Letter From Your Lover’?

By: Laura Bennett

The moment we see a movie about love and romance, fans of the genre are hooked. We want to see how the “meant-to-be” couple overcomes the odds to end up together – or how their hearts break when circumstance pulls them apart. Read more

Child Protection Week: Teach Consent Early, Warn Child Psychologists

By: Michael Crooks

Disturbing new research has revealed that most pre-school children are left vulnerable to sexual abuse because they have not been taught about consent. Read more

Autism Celebrated, Those Struggling with Alcohol and Addiction Embraced in ‘The Chosen’

By: Laura Bennett

While a lot of Christian movies and series seek to be aspirational or inspiring, it’s rare to find one that’s been as truly ground-breaking as The Chosen – the first multi-series dramatisation of Jesus’ life and that of his disciples. Read more