The Blessing Australia: How A Song and a Global Movement Unified Our Nation’s Churches

By: Laura Bennett

When Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes and Stephen Furtick of Elevation Church began improvising a song based on the Biblical ‘Aaron’s Blessing’, little did they know it would soon be a source of comfort for millions during a pandemic – sparking a global movemement of cross-denominational worship. Read more

We Got What We Prayed For: Important Lessons the Western Church is Learning in Lockdown

By: Laura Bennett

Attending church online has become a norm for many congregations in this pandemic. Linking in with people from your own church as well as others around the globe, as you enjoy a coffee in your lounge room, has become standard Sunday fare. Read more

Children’s Entertainer Colin Buchanan Creates Online Kids Church

By: Laura Bennett

Keeping the kids entertained is a tall order at the moment. Between the closure of their usual outdoor hangouts and the time pressure on parents, giving kids meaningful activities to do can be tough. Read more

How Can My Church Help the Community in Crisis? Practical and Financial Ideas

By: Rosie Kendall

Humans are fundamentally relational beings – so a pandemic, forcing us behind closed doors, has the potential to make us even more disconnected than ever. Read more

Kath Sees Our Christian Community, And She Wants Some

By: Stephen McAlpine

I got home from church last night and my neighbour diagonally opposite, Kath, was out in her garden.  It was a mild evening, sun not fully set, so I wandered over for a chat.

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The Atheist Who Wants More Churches In Australia

By: Akos Balogh

Harvard Educated Federal Labor MP Andrew Leigh believes Australia could do with more churches. He believes churches are good for society. And yet Leigh is an Atheist.
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Local Manly Pastor says the African Church is Thriving

By: Laura Bennett

This week Manly Life Church Pastor Tim Gionvanelli will take a team of four to see the work of African Enterprise in Kenya. Visiting some their development work in the slums, an orphanage school, and learning about their Foxfires gap year program, Tim believes the team will be encouraged by what they encounter in Africa.
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What Are You Holding Out For?

By: Neri Morris

This year began like many others. A review of the year that was and a look to what kind of year I wanted it to be. Coming into this year I realised within myself there was a sense of discontent with church.

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Hillsong Israel – An Unconventional, Contemporary Church in an Ancient Landscape

By: Laura Bennett

With every mention of ‘the Middle East’, it’s hard to escape those mental images of deserts, war, terrorism, and the region’s complex religious history.  Read more

How to Make Friends When Your Church is Full of Cliques

By: Brittany Ann

A few weeks ago, I received the following reader question:

Do you have any good reads or articles on struggling with women friendships? I have struggled my whole life, and right now am really feeling low, and just want to give up and run away–literally–from my town.

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