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Ways to Disagree: Punchers, Blockers, Embracers and Pioneers

By: Brian Harris

We all know how shrill public discourse has been these last few years. Read more

Wrestling with History in an Age That Disregards it

By: Dr Sarah Irving-Stonebraker

In our culture today, there is a strange set of attitudes toward history. Read more

Could Debating Be Better with a Bit of Curiosity and Generosity?

By: Laura Bennett

It’s not uncommon, or even bad, to disagree with people and have opposing views but increasingly we’re seeing these disparities fiercely hashed out across multiple mediums leading to alienation, separatism and a deepening acceptance of cancel culture. Read more

A Refreshing Conversation Between an Atheist and Christian

By: Robert Martin

There is little doubt that the question of the reality of God is a question which polarises and divides. Why is there such passionate disagreement? Does what we believe even matter? Would it be better people simply stopped bringing it up? Read more