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Budget 24/25: “A Fairer Go”

By: Mike Crooks

In tough economic times comes a budget bearing gifts – including a $300 surprise. Read more

Overcoming the Cost of Living Crisis: Some Biblical Principles

By: Alex Cook

As Christians, we often turn to the Bible for guidance in all aspects of life, including our finances. Read more

The Coming Church Wipeout: Navigating the Impact of Higher Interest Rates

By: Alex Cook

In the realm of economics, few things have the potential to create ripples as profound as fluctuations in interest rates. Read more

Understanding God’s Intentions on Wealth and Prosperity

By: Alex Cook

As a person of faith, I have always been intrigued by the biblical perspective on wealth and prosperity. Read more

How Do Interest Rates Work (and When Will the Pain End?)

By: Joni Boyd

We’re all asking the same question: How do interest rates work… and when will the cost of living improve?. Read more

As a Christian, How Much Money Should I Leave to My Kids?

By: Ben Allsop

At various stages of our life there are points where we need to make significant decisions about what happens when the Lord calls us home. Read more

Gen Z’s Top Hope in Life: Home Ownership

By: Mark  McCrindle

The Australian dream is a sought after one, even with the current housing climate preventing many from entering the market. Read more

Australia’s New Dream: Financial Independence

By: McCrindle

The Australian dream has been present in Australia for many decades and as of recently has undergone some major transformation. Read more

As a Christian, How Should I Think About Risk?

By: Ben Allsop

It seems that almost every aspect of life has the potential to be turned on its head at the moment. Read more

Australians Impacted by High Living Costs and Cashless Habits

By: Mark McCrindle

The rising cost of living is taking a toll on Australians. Recent research found that almost two in five Australians (37%) would find themselves without funds within a week if their income were to cease. Read more