How Driverless Cars Will Steer Us Off the Beaten Track

By: Michael McQueen

It has become a well-known fact in recent years that driverless cars are a future that is soon to arrive. In characteristically ambitious fashion, Tesla founder Elon Musk suggests we will see true autonomous driving available to the public within the next few years. Read more

The Future is Arriving Ahead of Schedule, Thanks to COVID

By: Michael McQueen

Whatever the circumstance, one thing we can be sure of is that the future is coming. No matter the success of the standards and systems of the past, disruption is inevitable. Read more

In the Push For Artificial Intelligence in the Form of an Robotic ‘Superhuman’ Race, Christians Must Speak Up, Says John Lennox

By: Laura Bennett

It’s as small as your ‘smart’ wristwatch, and as big as an engineered race of robotic super-humans. Read more

The Future of Work and the Skills Needed

By: McCrindle

The future of work is defined by more than just technological change. It is also impacted by sociological change. Read more

How Automation Might Save Your Career

By: Michael McQueen

Automation is a word that often strikes fear into workers who cannot help but feel threatened by its emergence in the modern world. Most of what we hear about automation surrounds the ways it will take our jobs and force the everyday worker into irrelevance. Read more

petrol cars

Why Your next Petrol Car Will Likely Be Your Last

By: Michael McQueen

Amidst all the recent talk about driverless cars, it’s easy to have missed the fact that less dramatic but equally disruptive changes are afoot in the transportation and mobility sector. Read more