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Taylor Swift is Not Alone: The Growing Nightmare of AI Deepfake Porn

By: Akos Balogh

Megastar Taylor Swift is never far from the headlines. Read more

The Trends of 2024: What to Expect

By: Mark McCrindle

While it may not feel like it sometimes, the future is not an inevitable destination, but something that is shaped by trends – and these can be influenced if understood and responded to. Read more

Australia’s Ageing Population and the Future

By: Mark McCrindle

Australia’s demographic landscape stands on the precipice of a momentous transformation as the population ages. Read more

How Young Australians are Shaping the Future of Shopping

By: Mark McCrindle

In a cultural transformation, young Australians are increasingly adopting the role of ‘identity consumers,’ using their purchasing choices to express personal values and identity. Read more

Is AI Reinforcing Gender Inequity? These SXSW Sydney Panelists Say It’s a Risk

By: Laura Bennett

Since ChatGPT was unleashed in the world on November 30, last year, the implications of generative artificial intelligence – a form of AI that can create content – are being understood in real time. Read more

Beyond ChatGPT: Here’s How AI Has Already Infiltrated Our Everyday

By: Michael McQueen

Since the advent of ChatGPT last year, few things have dominated the public discussion in the tech and business world more than generative AI and chatting with robots. Read more

Personalisation is Getting Personal: Here’s Where Tech Trends Meet Food Fads

By: Michael McQueen

If there are two trends that consumers have come to prioritise in recent years they are personalisation and health. Read more

Planning a Trip? Here’s How Your Travel Plans May Change in the Next Few Years

By: Michael McQueen

While the world of travel has been the industry perhaps most disrupted in the last couple of years, it is set for more disruption in the years to come – but in some of the most striking and novel ways. Read more

You Thought TV Home Shopping Was Dead? Meet ‘Shoppertainment’

By: Michael McQueen

Years ago, I released a book named Memento that took me way out of my comfort zone. Read more

7 Christian Principles To Help Us Adopt AI in a Human-Centered Way

By: Akos Balogh

Whether we like it or not, AI is here to stay.  Read more