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How to Choose a Good Leader

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

In life, if you don’t choose your leader, you’re going to be led. But Jesus will never force his leadership onto you. You have to choose him.
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How to Attract and Retain Top Talent: 8 Strategies

By: Mark McCrindle

In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent has become a critical challenge for organisations. Read more

The One Word That Could Revolutionise Your Next 12 Months

By: Michael McQueen

As we begin a new year, many of us will naturally turn our attention to what the coming 12 months hold. Read more

How to Stop an Outage Becoming an Outrage

By: Michael McQueen

Following the recent Senate enquiry, now ex-CEO of Optus Kelly Bayer Rosmarin resigned with a name now tied to two of the biggest tele-communications crises of the last few years – last year’s data breach and the recent network outage. Read more

Credibility Counts. Here are the 3 Things That Make You Credible

By: Michael McQueen

American author, speaker and pastor John Maxwell practices what he preaches when it comes to leadership. Read more

The Best Time to Ditch Excess Baggage is During Turbulence

By: Michael McQueen

Downturns and hard times are often perceived as a curse in business. Read more

Traits Imperative For Today’s Leader

By: McCrindle

In the contemporary and fast-paced landscape of the workplace, organisations are increasingly recognising the vital connection between effective leadership, employee contentment, and staff retention. Read more

8 Qualities to Cultivate to Make Success a Pattern, Not a ‘Moment’

By: Brian Harris

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Why Do We Hang On To Toxic Leaders?

By: Stephen McAlpine

Let me tell you about the day I lost my marbles. Read more