Business Owner, Which of These 3 ‘R’s Is Preventing Your Progress?

By: Michael McQueen

Almost every business wants to be known for being innovative, but in a world saturated with systems and bureaucracy, not all businesses have the mindset that will get them there. Read more

Can Your Business Be Trusted?

By: Michael McQueen

More than any other time of history, we have trust issues. As our era has seen so many of the institutions that once stood as societal backbones crumble beneath scandals, lies and alternative facts, the value of trustworthiness has skyrocketed in its scarcity. Read more

The Most Effective Way to Build Motivation

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Here’s a quick quiz for you.

Think about the children you raise, the students you teach, or the employees you oversee. If you want them to be motivated and have the BEST attitude towards whatever you’re asking them to do, what matters most? Read more

3 Simple Strategies to Supercharge Your Attitude

By: Dr Justin Coulson

I don’t like to deal with absolutes… always, never, everything, nothing. After all, I’m a research scientist. For people like me, I prefer statements like “it depends”. I try to avoid being too certain. Read more

Christian Leader: Are You a Painting Or a Window?

By: Stephen McAlpine

Paul is not a painting we look at and wish we could be like; rather he is a window to the awesome rescuing grace of the Redeemer. Leader pride produces personality cults, while leader humility stimulates worship of God. Read more

What Legacy Are You Building?

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Pause and think, for just a moment, of the most excellent person you have ever met…

What made them so “excellent”?

Is it possible to create an inventory of their attributes; the characteristics of excellence they embody?

Aristotle said… Read more

High-Performance Habits

By: Dr Justin Coulson

“I need a volunteer!” is always a statement that guarantees most people will suddenly stare at their shoes or the ceiling. But when I add the statement “And they need to be the fittest and healthiest human specimen in the room”, most people feel immediately safe. “I’m off the hook,” they think as they immediately scan the room for someone to dob in. Read more

Attitude is Everything

By: Dr Justin Coulson

When my youngest daughter was around 18 months old we shared an experience that taught me a valuable lesson about how our attitude is everything. Read more

The Cultivation of Character

By: Dr Justin Coulson

A brave mum raises her hand to ask me a question. There are close to 400 parents in the packed auditorium. The topic was teens and screens, but her question stretches well beyond those boundaries. Read more