Child Protection Week: Teach Consent Early, Warn Child Psychologists

By: Michael Crooks

Disturbing new research has revealed that most pre-school children are left vulnerable to sexual abuse because they have not been taught about consent. Read more

To Space and Back: Sir Richard Branson Aboard Virgin Galactic Unity 22

By: Beth Rivers

It was only for a moment but it was a moment Sir Richard Branson will never forget as his Virgin Galactic Unity 22 spaceflight successfully soared through Earth’s atmosphere and safely touched down – making space travel for the everyday person within reach. Read more

Ash Barty Becomes Third Australian Woman to Win Wimbledon

By: Amy Cheng

Ash Barty has won her first Wimbledon title, following in the footsteps of one of her heroes. Read more

What to Say to Children and Teens About COVID-19

By: Collett Smart

Like many reading this, I am a parent to 3 children – and the talk of COVID-19 hasn’t left our house much in the last few weeks, especially since the flow of information (and misinformation) has picked up. It’s difficult to ignore isn’t it? Read more

Aussies’ Biggest Regrets Are That They Didn’t Do More with the Time They Had

By: McCrindle

As we settle into the 2020’s, it’s the perfect time to reflect not only on last year, but on life so far. Based on the latest survey we conducted, there’s some valuable advice to keep in mind and equip you, as we enter this new decade of massive change.

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The NZ Pastor and His Daughter, who Cared for Volcano Victims

By: Clare Bruce

A New Zealand church pastor and his daughter were among those administering first aid, prayer and comfort to burns victims, after the Whakaari / White Island volcanic eruption on Monday afternoon.
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Sexist, Racist Porn Mags ‘People’ and ‘Picture’ Shut Down Thanks To Collective Shout

By: Katrina Roe

The social activist group Collective Shout is celebrating after Bauer Media announced they will shut down their two remaining porn magazines, Picture and People
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The Dangers and Opportunities of a Christian Kanye West

By: Akos Balogh

‘What music do you like listening to?’ asks my martial arts instructor, as we prepare for class. (There’s always some ‘mood music’ in the background as we train). 
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Incredible Act of Jesus-Like Mercy, as Man Forgives the Woman who Killed His Brother

By: Clare Bruce

It was an astonishing and rare display of Christ-like love in a Texas courtroom, when a young man forgave the Dallas woman who shot and killed his brother.
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