The Power of Forgiveness

Tim Sisarich from New Zealand was asked by “Focus on the Family” to travel the world, making a documentary on the state of the modern family. However, he didn’t count on it raising issues in his own life. Particularly in the area of forgiveness.  Read more

Being a “Yes” Parent in a World of No’s

When, as a parent, you say “Yes” to your child’s dreams, amazing things can happen. Read more

Motherhood: Liberating Yourself from the Common Myths

Motherhood in a world full of Pinterest and Facebook may leave you feeling…well, less than perfect. Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk will do some mummy myth-busting and help you embrace your identity as a mum. Read more

Finding Unexpected Blessings in Marriage

Laura Story is probably best known for her contributions in contemporary Christian music. However behind her songs is a story of pain, struggle, and God’s redemptive touch . Read more

Faith, Mental Illness and Counselling

If someone you know has been acting a bit “off”, and you’re starting to get concerned, at what point do you recommend a counsellor or a psychiatrist? And how do you go about finding one? Read more

Bringing Laughter to Everyday Life

How would you like a GPS device for relationships, to tell you what to say next? Comedian Tim Hawkins brings his wacky sense of humour to many aspects of daily life. When things get stressful, it’s important to just have a good laugh. Read more

Learning to Effectively Communicate with Your Husband

Good communication can be a challenge — even in the most loving marriage! Get some practical help from “husband whisperer” Greg Smalley and his wife, Erin, about how to turn your small talk into an intimate “heart connection” with your spouse! Read more

Why Waiting Until Marriage Matters

In this two part Focus On The Family podcast, Dannah Gresh speaks candidly about God’s design for sexuality and offers a biblical perspective on why physical intimacy is reserved for a committed marriage. She offers encouragement and practical ways you can talk to your children about sex. Read more

Life With Motor Neurone Disease

In 2013, Pastor Phil Camden from Newcastle was diagnosed with the terminal Illness: Motor Neurone Disease or MND. Phil shares how his MND diagnosis has unexpectedly granted him access to relationships and spiritual conversations he didn’t have access to before.  Read more

A Prodigal Daughter Story

Rebecca Slavin shares her amazing journey from ice addiction and domestic violence to eventually finding freedom. She is joined by her father Gavin and together they discuss what has led to her incredible transformation – where today she speaks at public events about the dangers of ice addiction. Read more