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Bluey’s House is For Sale! Hit Show is On a Cliffhanger

By: Justin Rouillon

Bluey fans around the world have been left shellshocked after it was revealed that Bluey’s iconic hilltop Queenslander is on the market. Read more

Protecting Our Children: Essential Strategies Every One Should Know

By: Steff Willis

As parents, caregivers, or simply adults in the lives of children, it’s our responsibility to equip our young ones with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate our world. Read more

What Employers Really Look for in Resumes and Interviews

By: Steff Willis 

In today’s competitive job market, understanding what potential employers are really looking for can be a challenging task. Read more

Beyond ‘The Spark’: Sustaining Meaningful Connection in Marriage

By: Steff Willis

We all desire a happy and healthy marriage and yet the statistics show how difficult that is to achieve. Read more

Kylie & Dannii Minogue Headline New Bluey Book Reads Series

By: Justin Rouillon

BBC Studios Kids & Family and Brisbane’s Ludo Studio have announced a new digital series which brings to life many of the beloved Bluey storybooks with a celebrity-stacked calendar of reads. Read more

Rick Price Brings Gospel Classics to Life in ‘Wayfaring Stranger’

By: Arthur Muhl 

The songs of Rick Price were a staple of Australian radio during the 1990s. Read more

Navigating the Path to Home Ownership in Today’s Market

By: Steff Willis

It used to be an Aussie right of passage – work hard, save for a house deposit and buy a home of your own. Read more

‘The Chosen’ Gives First Look at Season 4 to be Released in Cinemas

By: Bill Biddle

The Chosen, the ground-breaking historical drama that has become one of the most watched shows in the world, has just announced Season 4 episodes will be released exclusively in cinemas across Australia and New Zealand. Read more

Why Young People Are Moving Away from Faith

By: Steff Willis

Studies conducted by the Barna Group and USA Today found that nearly 75% of Christian young people fall away from the faith and leave the church after high school. Read more