If I’m Anxious, Does That Make My Faith Weak? – Author Nikki Thompson

By: Laura Bennett

When you believe so strongly in the goodness of God and the peace that Jesus brings to our lives, what do you – when as a person of faith – you also experience deep, unrelenting anxiety that doesn’t seem to lift? 
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Turn It Off

By: Lorrene McClymont

I have to admit I have been really struggling with feelings of heaviness, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes I can feel the weight of the world at the moment. It’s a heavy place to be and it just seems like I can’t escape tough conversations and constant opinions even for a second. Read more

Getting Off The Merri-Go-Round Of Your Thoughts

By: Danni Synot

I don’t know about you, but sometimes life gets so full on it can almost make you as dizzy as a ride at the carnival. Read more

Tips to Care for Your Pets as You Head Back to the Office Post-Pandemic

By: Zoe Victoria

When the COVID-19 pandemic began shutting down workplaces a year ago, employees discovered the joys of working from home… with pets! Read more

Mental Health Consequences of Hard Border Closures on FIFO Children

By: Dr Justin Coulson

In March 2020 Western Australia shut its borders. While there may be well-meaning policies behind the border closures, there’s no escaping the fact that this decision has irrevocably changed people’s lives – especially for fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) families. Read more

Helping Our Children Through Dark, Difficult Days

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Dear Dr Justin, my husband has tried to take his own life twice in the past six weeks. He is now in hospital receiving care but I’ve just told the kids he’s dealing with some emotional problems and needs special help. Read more

9 Practical Ways to Support Anxious Kids Return to School

By: Collett Smart

The relaxing and lifting of restrictions in schools makes it sound like we’re on our way back to normal, yet ‘normal’ is a long way off. And our children know it. Read more

My Child is Struggling Because Everything Is Being Cancelled

By: Dr Justin Coulson

We’re living in unprecedented times. Offices are shut, streets are increasingly empty, and some people are locking themselves away. The uncertainty that we are grappling with is challenging enough for us as adults, but it’s also hard on our children. Read more

Anxious Motherhood: My Ducks Were In A Row

By: Samantha Freestone

I knew it in my gut I wanted to be a mum. In fact, pre-kids I used to say I wanted five children!

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Christians With Anxiety? It’s More Common Than You Think

By: Clare Bruce

According to Beyond Blue, anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia, and it’s experienced by over 2 million adults across the nation each year. Read more