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Tragedy Shows Us Humans Are Compelled to Help: ‘A Fire Inside’ Book and Doco

By: Laura Bennett

The fire season of 2019 into 2020 was harrowing. It’s the worst we’ve seen in recent history, and, as it prompted conversations about caring for country, climate change and environmental conservation, it also showcased the fiercely resilient Australian spirit. Read more

Sheppard Release Single For Bushfire Relief

By: Justin Rouillon

Sheppard have  announced the release of ‘Phoenix’, a song dedicated to victims of the Australian bushfires, which aims to raise money for those affected by the disasters. Read more

Bush Fire: Road To Recovery

By: Steve Grace

Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. — 1 Peter 5:7

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Faith Amid the Fires: How Chaplains are Meeting Emotional and Spiritual Needs of Australians

By: Clare Bruce

While emergency services and charities are responding to Australia’s relentless bushfire crisis in practical ways, there’s another army working quietly to meet peoples’ emotional and spiritual needs: the chaplains.
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Talking to Children About the Bushfires

By: Dr Justin Coulson

The ongoing bushfires around Australia are extraordinary. We’ve all seen them. Too many have experienced them or had close encounters, either personally or through a friend or loved one.

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Bushfire Trauma – 12 Expert Tips for Helping Someone Who’s Struggling to Cope

By: Clare Bruce

If you’re an Aussie, and you haven’t been been traumatised yet by the current bushfire season, you probably someone you know has. Read more

“It Happened So Fast” – How a Pastor and His Family were Saved in a Firestorm

By: Clare Bruce

Dad and father-of-four Andrew Flaxman is lucky – or blessed – to be alive, along with his wife, four kids and his sister’s family of five – who were all rescued by boat in the middle of a firestorm on New Year’s Eve. Read more

Helping in the Bushfire Crisis: How You Can Assist?

By: Clare Bruce

After seeing the bushfire devastation many have suffered, Australians are now asking how they can help. Below is a list of some of the charities that are welcoming support to help those affected. Read more