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Taylor Swift is Not Alone: The Growing Nightmare of AI Deepfake Porn

By: Akos Balogh

Megastar Taylor Swift is never far from the headlines. Read more

Is Russell Finally Branding Himself A Christian?

By: Stephen McAlpine

If you haven’t seen the Youtube video of enfant terrible/comedian/possible sexual predator (choose your poison) Russell Brand declaring that he’s getting seriously interested in Christianity – nay, seriously interested in Christ himself – then stop everything and watch it now. Read more

What is the Taylor Swift Effect? Just Ask Travis Kelce and Seemingly Ranch

By: Sam Chan

Taylor Swift is dating the NFL star Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs. Read more

Ageing and Justice go Hand-in-Hand, Say Media Pals Melissa Doyle and Naima Brown

By: Laura Bennett

Our attitudes toward ageing are a complex thing. Framed by our cultural understanding of what it means to get older coupled with our feelings about time passing and our stature in life, ageing is about so much more than physical change. Read more

Does Christian Celebrity Need a Cure? – ‘Christianity Today’s’ Katelyn Beaty

By: Laura Bennett

Celebrity and Christianity. What do you think about the relationship between the two? Does celebrity culture contribute to the downfall of leaders whose star rises too high? Read more

‘My Mind & Me’: Selena Gomez Breaks Down Myth of Success

By: Laura Bennett

For a long time, our culture has defined “success” by our social status, paycheck and the prominence we acquire through our achievements. Read more

‘The Faith of Elvis’: Billy Stanley Recounts the Prayers of an Icon

By: Laura Bennett

In the recent Elvis movie the life one of the most successful superstars was explored with Baz Luhrman giving it the glitzy Hollywood treatment only he can. Read more

‘Self-Care is Vital in the Unrelenting News Cycle’

By: Laura Bennett

Whatever your diet of news consumption was before the pandemic, it’s likely in the last three years you’ve watched more updates, press conferences, and alerts about natural disasters and world events than in previous ones. Read more

‘Shane’: Reflections on Warney and a Death So Young

By: Stephen McAlpine

Shane Warne was a human headline to the end. An end that came quickly and shockingly on the same day another cricketing superstar died. 
Read more