Faith Amid the Fires: How Chaplains are Meeting Emotional and Spiritual Needs of Australians

By: Clare Bruce

While emergency services and charities are responding to Australia’s relentless bushfire crisis in practical ways, there’s another army working quietly to meet peoples’ emotional and spiritual needs: the chaplains.
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Bushfire Trauma – 12 Expert Tips for Helping Someone Who’s Struggling to Cope

By: Clare Bruce

If you’re an Aussie, and you haven’t been been traumatised yet by the current bushfire season, you probably someone you know has. Read more

African Enterprise Brings Trauma Healing to Schools

By: Laura Bennett

Across the Western world, mental health and the impact of traumatic events on our wellbeing, is increasingly a field of study that’s prioritised and valued.
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Why I’m Telling You I Saw a Counsellor

By: Jennie Scott

I couldn’t find my way out. Eight years ago, after my marriage fell apart and my labels became “divorced” and “single mum,” my world lost its colour. All around me, I saw only black and white. Mostly black. Mostly darkness. Read more

Faith, Mental Illness and Counselling

If someone you know has been acting a bit “off”, and you’re starting to get concerned, at what point do you recommend a counsellor or a psychiatrist? And how do you go about finding one? Read more