Walk This Way

Author: Rodney Olsen.

We often hear of people being in the right place at the right time. When we talk about those ‘right place, right time’, moments we’re generally thinking of something good happening for someone just because they were where they needed to be to take advantage of a particular situation or opportunity. It’s as if circumstances came together to bring about something good. Read more

A Prodigal Daughter Story

Rebecca Slavin shares her amazing journey from ice addiction and domestic violence to eventually finding freedom. She is joined by her father Gavin and together they discuss what has led to her incredible transformation – where today she speaks at public events about the dangers of ice addiction. Read more

Discovering God is Enough

What you do is not who you are! Christian comedian Chonda Pierce describes her efforts to base identity on Christ, instead of her marriage, parenting, and comedy career for the past 25 years. A great message for your faith. Read more