Aussies Open to Spiritual Conversations

By: Kim Wilkinson

New study finds that 4 in 5 Australians, particularly young people, are open to talking about spiritual topics, including views that are different from their own. Read more

How I Would Have Handled the Resurrection

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

There are many things that are odd about the resurrection of Jesus, but then again there were many things that are odd about his ministry and his death.
Read more

Harry Connick Jr.’s ‘Alone With My Faith’ is His First Album Entirely Dedicated to His Christian Beliefs

By: Laura Bennett

Harry Connick Jr. has made a name for himself as one our generation’s greatest crooners since his 1987 debut, popping up in all corners of the entertainment industry as an actor, TV host, Broadway star and composer. Read more

Pope Francis Spreads Hope in a Historic Tour

By: Michael Crooks

During a historic visit to Iraq on March 7, Pope Francis spoke of the thousands of people murdered in the city of Mosul in recent years, but his message was one of forgiveness and resilience. Read more

Texas Snowstorm Hampers Production of ‘The Chosen’ Season 2

By: Zoe Victoria

Crowd-funded television series about the life of Jesus, The Chosen, has been affected by snowstorms in Texas that have delayed the production of season two. Read more

Christians are Called to Face Pressure at Work But Mental Fitness is Key to Managing It

By: Amy Cheng

Christians are called to face pressure and it is only when they are under pressure that their true character is revealed, according to YouTube sensation Eddie Woo. Read more

Life After COVID: Christian Groups Unite to Pave the Way Forward

By: Michael Crooks

An alliance of Christian community organisations has pledged to help those most in need in a post-COVID world. Read more

Disruption, Disillusionment and Diversity: The Future of the Church

By: McCrindle

As social researchers we spend our time studying the social and demographic landscape to understand emerging trends and advise organisations on how to adapt for an ever-changing future. So 2020 kept us on our toes! Read more

“We Had to Accept the Unacceptable” – Abdallah Family Mark First Anniversary of Children’s Deaths

By: Zoe Victoria

A year on from the tragic car crash that killed three of their children, Danny and Leila Abdallah are urging others to embrace forgiveness as they mark the anniversary of the four children’s deaths. Read more