Having Faith in God Does Not Mean Leaving Your Brains at the Door

By: Tania Harris

Christians can have a reputation for being simple-minded. People could be forgiven for accusing those of us who believe in a virgin birth and a resurrection for being ignorant about what really goes on in the world. Read more

Learning From the Ant: A Money Lesson

By: Alex Cook

Have you heard of Aesop’s fable about the grasshopper and the ant? The grasshopper was hopping about, chirping and singing to its heart’s content one summer day when an ant passed by. Read more

“Mental Illness is Not a Sin Issue. I Watched My Husband Run to God in His Pain,” Widow-Turned-Author Kayla Stoecklein

By: Laura Bennett

In 2018, author Kayla Stoecklein’s husband tragically took his own life – shocking the Christian community around the world. Andrew Stoecklein was only 30 years old, a father of three and a well-known US pastor. Christians were uncertain of how to handle suicide happening to such a vibrant faith leader. Read more

What to Do When You and Your Spouse Have Differing Beliefs

By: Brittany Ann

Religion may not make it into the top five topics that couples fight about (that’d be money, sex, work, parenting and housework, if you’re curious), but that doesn’t mean that religion doesn’t cause its fair share of conflicts–especially when both spouses have differing religious beliefs. Read more

Where Do My Dreams Come From?

By: Tania Harris

Everybody dreams. Scientists tell us that we all dream for one to two hours a night.1 Dreams are a normal and healthy part of being human. But where do they come from? Read more

The ‘Prophetic’ Lyrics on Young & Free’s Latest Album

By: Laura Bennett

When Hillsong youth band Young & Free recorded their new album All of My Best Friends, Australia was in the throes of what’s been dubbed the ‘Black Summer’. Read more

Christians Have a Right to Question COVID-19 Vaccines, But Oxford Trials Aren’t Tainted

By: Clare Bruce

Two leading Christian medical ethicists believe there’s nothing morally wrong with accepting a coronavirus vaccine made using foetal cell lines from an abortion, if there aren’t alternatives – but that people of faith have every right to ask questions, and push for options. Read more

You Can’t Love God and Hate People

By: Sabrina Peters

It’s a paradox to confess how much you “love God,” but then dislike (or even despise) people. Worse yet degrade, criticise and or even condemn someone based on their beliefs, preferences or shortcomings. Read more

Should a Woman Ask a Man Out?

By: Tania Harris

Should a woman ask a man out on a date? I asked this question once to a class full of young and hip ministry students. The overwhelming majority objected without a hiccup. “No. Never!” one guy declared with rock-solid conviction. “That’s such a turnoff!” said another crossing his arms. Read more