Use Your Influence to Spark Revival — Brian’s Story

By: yesHeis

Entertainer and social media influencer, Brian Liu, first experienced Jesus at age 12 while attending a conservative church in New York. Now based in Beijing, Brian works to influence his city not only through his career in the world of fashion and lifestyle but also with the positivity and joy he has found in Jesus.
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What Are You Holding Out For?

By: Neri Morris

This year began like many others. A review of the year that was and a look to what kind of year I wanted it to be. Coming into this year I realised within myself there was a sense of discontent with church.

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Samantha – Designed By God

By: yesHeis

Samatha was a young girl when she was drawn to something very special her best friend had. She didn’t know what it was that she longed for until one day her life changed.
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Are You Too Judgmental? Here’s How to Stop.

By: Brittany Ann

According to this study conducted by Barna Group, 87% of 16- to 29-year-olds believe that that present-day Christianity is judgmental.

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Let a Miracle Do the Talking

By: yesHeis

If you’ve ever read or heard stories about revivals in the past, chances are that you know that miracles and supernatural acts of God were part of the deal.
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How to Get Better at Prayer

By: Tania Harris | God Conversations

How do we pray and how do we get better at prayer? What is prayer? What does it do, and most importantly, how do we build the kind of relationship that invites two-way communication with God?

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Queen Elizabeth ll – Longest serving English monarch

By: Graham McDonald

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II had two ceremonies to mark the beginning of her public office? The first was her coronation as Queen but the second was her ‘coronation’ as God’s servant. In this second untelevised ceremony, the Queen stood dressed in a simple white dress, devoid of decoration. Read more

You Are Doing Enough – Maintaining Balance in a Busy World

By: Susan Browning

I’m fighting a current I cannot keep swimming in opposition to. You are too. This push and pull of “I’m busy” living. The constant go. The resistance to give way to those waves. I’m finding it really hard to go against the flow of busy too.
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Breakthrough: Miracle on Ice?

By: Rusty Wright

Ever meet someone who died…and lived to tell about it? Breakthrough tells a startling, back-from-the-brink recovery story that’s sure to leave you scratching your head, even if you don’t share the grateful mother’s faith-miracle conclusions. Read more