Check In With Others to Show Your Support

By: Valerie Ling

A couple of years ago I attended a conference about support for first responders. What really stood out to me was the focus on creating a culture where people check in on one another. Read more

Why Can’t Us Men Tell Each Other How We Feel?

By: Sheridan Voysey

For the last few weeks I’ve been swimming in numbers. Working towards Friendship Lab’s release into the world, we did a survey on adults and friendship. Read more

Friends and Why We Need Them

By: God in 60 Seconds

There is a reason we love television shows and movies that focus on a group of friends. Read more

How to Pray for Your Friends Who Don’t Know Jesus Yet

By: yesHEis

Talking to your friends about Jesus doesn’t have to be complicated. Being creative in the way you talk about Jesus with your friends is great, but sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Why not pray together?  Read more

How to Do Friendship With the Opposite Sex – God Conversations

By: Tania Harris

Back in the first century, it wasn’t normal for men and women to be friends. They didn’t meet for coffee in morning tea breaks or discuss current affairs over the water-cooler. They didn’t sit next to each other in the synagogues and swap ideas about their theology. They certainly didn’t discuss their spiritual lives by the village well.

Read more

How to Be a Better Friend and Understand Your Adult Children

By: Jenny Baxter

How do you be a better friend, colleague, or for that matter, mother to your adult children? Read more

Four Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who is Hurting

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

Once when I was young and I had a position of responsibility of a church, I was called to the hospital bedside of one of the members who had been run over by a truck earlier that day. He had suffered extremely serious injuries and he was lucky to be alive. Read more

Australians Feel Their Friendships Have Deepened Over 2020, According to New Report

By: Laura Bennett

How we form and maintain relationships has had to adapt in a year where much of our communication and connection with friends has turned digital-first. Read more

What Your Friend Really Needs When Their Going Through a Divorce

By: Jennie Scott

So you found out your friend is going through a divorce. She may have called you herself, or you may have heard through the grapevine that her marriage is ending, as half of all do. Read more

Are Your Kids ‘Fun’? It Matters.

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Fun kids are laughing, playing and generally having a good time on the playground. But they’re also building skills that will lead to better relationships. Read more