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If You’re Going to Disagree, At Least Do It Well

By: Michael McQueen

We need to learn how to disagree. In today’s culture, we are disagreeing constantly – but we are doing a terrible job of it. Read more

In an Information Age, Is Our Knowledge Exceeding Our Wisdom?

By: Michael McQueen

Is our knowledge exceeding our wisdom? Read more

Making Gains: How AI Is Affecting the Finance Sector

By: Michael McQueen

The best way I’ve heard the role of AI in today’s corporate world describes is as a multivitamin or a painkiller. Read more

Here’s How Gen Zs Really Feel About Work

By: Michael McQueen

They grew up in a digital age with no memory of a pre-internet world, and reached adulthood within an era of lockdowns and global crises. Read more

The New ‘Business As Usual’ – How Generative AI is Set to Change 2024

By: Michael McQueen

Whatever game you are playing, generative AI is changing it. Read more

Can Minds Be Changed in an Era of Stubbornness?

By: Laura Bennett

Despite the amount of information and varied opinions we have access to these days, it’s very easy for us to become stuck in our ways with stubbornly fixed worldviews that reflect the boundaries of our social circles and online media feeds. Read more

The Pyschological Reason You Don’t Do What You Say

By: Michael McQueen

In the early 50s, a doomsday cult called the Oak Park Study Group thought the world was ending. Read more

The One Word That Could Revolutionise Your Next 12 Months

By: Michael McQueen

As we begin a new year, many of us will naturally turn our attention to what the coming 12 months hold. Read more

“Rizz” is the Word of the Year: Here are the Other Language Barriers in Your Workplace

By: Michael McQueen

Oxford Dictionary have announced their word of the year, and you will be forgiven if you have no idea what it means, if you have even heard it at all. The word of 2023 is, ‘Rizz.’ Read more