Artist Spotlight with Chad Mattson from ‘Unspoken’

By: Rhema 99.7

In this interview, Chad Mattson from the band Unspoken chats about his faith journey,  how the band formed and the meaning behind some of the band’s songs. Unspoken is an American contemporary Christian band composed of Chad Mattson, Jon Lowry, and Ariel Munoz & recently, new member Ryan Babin. Read more

How Housebound Families Can Stay Sane

By: Collett Smart

Many around the world have been housebound for some time now. We’re not even sure when this way of living will come to an end. How might we navigate everyone being at home, in a confined space, for most of the day, for an unknown period of time… and still maintain mental fitness? Read more

What Happens When I Die?

By: City Bible Forum

Death is a question we often don’t like confronting or talking about. What do we make of death? Is there anything after? Hear how the death of someone close to him prompted him to confront some of life’s biggest questions. A conversation with humour and wisdom. Read more


7 Ways to Teach Your Child Self-Control

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Self-control isn’t something we’re born with – its something we hone as we grow. Children especially struggle with control and delayed gratification, but there are ways in which we can guide them to the right behaviour in childhood. I have 7 ways to teach your child self-control, as a matter of fact! Read more


Finding God’s Purpose for Your Life

By: Focus On The Family

He’s a long-time investment banker and a mentor to millennials… Author of “Know Your Why” Ken Costa chats about hearing from God about your purpose.  Read more


Staying Together When Tragedy Strikes Your Marriage

By: Focus On The Family

Katherine nearly died, but Jay remained by her side during the next two years of recovery.  Read more

troubled kids

Finding Hope in the Midst of Raising Troubled Kids

By: Focus On The Family

Tom and Dena Yohe were caring, loving parents to their strong-willed daughter, Renee. It wasn’t until she was in her late teens that they discovered the deep hurts that troubled her inside.  Read more