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Change Comes Through Little Victories

By: Brian Harris

We sometimes think everything would change if we managed to get a major breakthrough in some troubling area of our life. Read more

Beat Procrastination: Manage Perfectionism to Boost Productivity

By: Jennifer Chu 

While some people enter a new year feeling energised, others may struggle to shake off the holiday feels and get moving again. Read more

Why is it So Hard to Keep my Goals?

By: Katelyn Tasker

Do you find it hard to set goals? Or, when you do set goals, do you find it hard to keep them? Read more

The Art of Conversation: Are You an Illuminator or a Diminisher?

By: Brian Harris

I recently watched a YouTube talk in which David Brooks discusses his new book How to Know a Person – which explores listening to and seeing others well. Read more

8 Qualities to Cultivate to Make Success a Pattern, Not a ‘Moment’

By: Brian Harris

You’ve probably had those moments when you breath a sigh of both relief and satisfaction. Read more

How to Build Self-Confidence

By: Lauren Chee

One of the great joys in my work as a therapist is to support individuals and build their sense of self-confidence. Read more

Disruptions to Workflow Do Not Have to Be Normal

By: Valerie Ling

I was on a walk with someone the other day, when they made a statement that seemed to be universally true. Except, it was not all that true for me. Read more

Reducing Black and White Thinking – And Living With Grey

By: Lauren Chee

Black and white thinking is a type of cognitive distortion that involves thinking in extremes. Read more