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In an Information Age, Is Our Knowledge Exceeding Our Wisdom?

By: Michael McQueen

Is our knowledge exceeding our wisdom? Read more

Australians and Etiquette: Comparing the Generations

By: Mark McCrindle

Returning your shopping trolley, waving to another driver, and being punctual are all opportunities to exhibit politeness and extend courtesy to your neighbour. Read more

Should Business Have a Social Conscience?

By: Helping Hands

Change is a constant of the world we live in, and wherever possible, Australians love to embrace change for the better.

Read more

The New ‘Business As Usual’ – How Generative AI is Set to Change 2024

By: Michael McQueen

Whatever game you are playing, generative AI is changing it. Read more

The Profile of Australia’s Hybrid Worker

By: Mark McCrindle

Australia’s working dynamic has evolved into three ways of working: workplace, remote and hybrid. Read more

Business Leaders Can Lead the Way in Positive Social Change

By: Helping Hands

Social responsibility is a perpetual hot topic of conversation. Read more

Why Young People Are Moving Away from Faith

By: Steff Willis

Studies conducted by the Barna Group and USA Today found that nearly 75% of Christian young people fall away from the faith and leave the church after high school. Read more

The Future of Commerce is Cause-Driven

By: McCrindle

Columbia University economics professor Joseph Stiglitz once said, “It is trust, more than money, that makes the world go around.”[1] Read more

AI and Christian Faith: What Does the Bible Have to Say?

By: Akos Balogh

[The following is an edited version of the talk I gave on ‘Christian Faith and AI’, at a Men’s Breakfast at Anglican Churches Springwood (NSW), on Saturday Sep 16th 2023]

In the iconic 1993 movie Terminator 2, the AI Terminator Robot played by Arnold Schwarzenegger tells his human companions Sarah Connor and Joel Connor how Skynet was built. Read more