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You Will Believe Fake News Just Because It Has A Picture

By: Anne Rinaudo

People are more likely to believe a true or false claim if it is paired with a photograph, a researcher from The Australian National University (ANU) has found. Dr Eryn Newman, from the ANU Research School of Psychology, has been finding out how people find truth in a fake-news era. Read more

Indigenous Bible Opens Door to Faith for Indigenous Australians

By: Anne Rinaudo

Above: Rev Lois Nadjamerrek; Jonathan Harris and Hagar Nadjamerrek with the ‘Kunwinjku Shorter Bible’

Imagine if you had never read or heard the message of the Bible in your own language. That is the reality for Australia’s Indigenous community. Although more than half of Indigenous people are Christians, very few have read or heard the Bible in their ‘heart’ language. Read more

Right Place, Right Time: Beautiful Images Of Extreme Weather

Above: Feature image for the 2019 Australian Weather Calendar – Sunset-lit lightning over Gulf St Vincent, South Australia, 21 January 2018 – Rowland Beardsell

By: Anne Rinaudo

Sometimes by accident, sometimes by design, professional and amateur shutterbugs vie each year for the honour of having their ‘perfect storm’ – or rainbow, cloud or wave – picked as a feature image on the annual Australian weather calendar. Read more

Theresa May’s Brexit Lament – “It’s Just So Hard To Break Up with EU”

By: Anne Rinaudo

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May has surprised many with her calm, clear and statesman-like rhetoric on the exit of the UK from the European Union – the divisive ‘Brexit’. Read more

Religious Freedom Vote Now Unlikely This Year

By: Stephen O’Doherty

A vote this year is now unlikely on controversial changes to the Sex Discrimination Act that would remove the ability of faith-based schools to expel LGBTI students. Read more

Six Top Tips For Reading To Kids

By: Anne Rinaudo

New research from Australian Catholic University finds that HOW you read to kids is very important. Learning Sciences and Teacher Education researcher Dr Ameneh Shahaeian has six tips for parents. Ameneh read a story to Stephen O’Doherty to demonstrate the how best to read a story. Read more

Campaign Calls to Love The Unborn in Rising Social Pressure To Have Abortions

By: Anne Rinaudo

The Queensland Government recently moved to decriminalise abortion in that state. NSW is now the only state where abortion remains within the criminal code. Read more

Our Christian Responsibility To Care About Prisoners

By: Anne Rinaudo

It is easy to love the people who accept our love and to care for those grateful to be helped. Does our call to love our neighbour really include the gruff and ungrateful, the people who have been removed from society for criminal acts? Read more

A Practical Guide to Creating a Wildlife-Friendly Garden

By: Anne Rinaudo

In her book, Habitat – A practical guide to creating a wildlife friendly Australian Garden AB Bishop shares a wealth of advice and information, including how to build places for all sorts of animals to congregate. There are even step by step guides to building an insect hotel and a bee apartment block. Read more

A Faith Response To Climate Change

By: Anne Rinaudo

Faith communities in Australia and around the world are not waiting for reluctant politicians to take decisive action on climate change. They are committing to walking more gently on the earth as part of a global multi-faith campaign called “Living the Change: faithful choices for flourishing world”. Read more