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What is Your Operating System?

By: Sam Chan

Do you own a smartphone? Read more

Lessons From My Dad

By: Rachel Reva

25 years ago my Dad died. Read more

“You Choose Your Hard” – Or Do You?

By: Lorrene McClymont

There is a popular social media post doing the rounds that says “You Choose Your Hard.” Read more

Knowledge or Wisdom? One is Better Than the Other

By: Brian Harris

I chair the academic board of an Australian University College and at a recent board meeting we were discussing “the democratisation of knowledge”, which is a lovely little expression noting that information is now readily available to almost anyone. Read more

We Need a New Renaissance of Faith. These Three Commitments Can Help

By: Sheridan Voysey

Five hundred years ago the Renaissance brought an explosion of art, science, geographical discovery and religious ideas into the world. What would it take to see a new renaissance (rebirth) of wisdom, creativity, community and faith in this coming decade? Read more

Who’s thinking for you?

By: Rodney Olsen

Are you someone who thinks for yourself or do you just go with the flow? Are you prepared to move in a different direction to the crowd around you? We’d all like to think we’re the kind of person that thinks for ourself and makes our own decisions, but experience would suggest that we often just toe the line without even knowing it. Read more

9 Ridiculously Practical Ways to Cultivate a Life of Wisdom

By: J.R. Briggs

The pursuit of wisdom is a valuable, worthy endeavour, and ridiculously practical steps taken regularly can develop wisdom in your life. Read more


The 11th Day of Christmas: Direct Your Energies Wisely

By: Rachel Doherty | Tweens 2 Teen

The Christmas story tells us of the wise men who followed the star. One gift we can give our family this Christmas is the opportunity to develop wisdom and self-control. That way they can grasp the good life with both hands! Read more