Feel The Fear

By: Neri Morris

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”

Every time I read this phrase or say it out loud I envisage a breath being drawn in and then exhaled right where the word “and” appears. It’s as though this word is the turning point. Things change, right there, in “…and….”. Read more


Would God Tell You who to Marry?

By: Tania Harris

One of the most surprising findings of my PhD studies is that a significant number of interviewees testified to hearing God’s voice about a future marriage partner. Read more

yanny laurel

Would Jesus Be a Laurel or Yanny?

By: Sam Chan

Laurel or Yanny?

I hear Laurel but you might hear Yanny. And, if you must know, my wife hears Yearly. Read more


7 Ways to Teach Your Child Self-Control

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Self-control isn’t something we’re born with – its something we hone as we grow. Children especially struggle with control and delayed gratification, but there are ways in which we can guide them to the right behaviour in childhood. I have 7 ways to teach your child self-control, as a matter of fact! Read more


Give Thanks… in Everything?

By: Annette Spurr

Give thanks in everything (1 Thessalonians 8:13). Everything? Even the bad things? That seems completely unrealistic and unfair. That’s what I thought, anyway… Until a near tragedy changed everything. Read more


Finding God’s Purpose for Your Life

By: Focus On The Family

He’s a long-time investment banker and a mentor to millennials… Author of “Know Your Why” Ken Costa chats about hearing from God about your purpose.  Read more


An Interview with 10 Virgins

By: Sabrina Peters

“No one stays a virgin until they get married!” That is what most people think. Holding onto the big V is kind of ridiculous in our sexually saturated culture. Well I take time out with 10 “Virgins” and ask them WHY they decided to guard the carnal treasure. Their answers will shock you. Read more


The Danger in Saying "God Is Good"

By: Jennie Scott

I need to share this message with you without being critical, accusatory, or dismissive. I’ve wrestled with it myself for some time now, and I pray it’s marinated enough in my soul to move into yours with grace. Read more


Wise Investments

By: Duncan Robinson

I buy a lottery ticket once a year. It isn’t a sound investment; it isn’t a wise move. Every mathematical equation tells me it is a bone-headed decision and a waste of $2. Yet once a year, I’ll head to the local newsagent and buy a lottery ticket. A miniscule investment with the hopes of a monumental return. Read more


Egg Substitutes

By: Susan Joy

There are many people with egg allergies that could benefit from finding good healthy substitutes for eggs. It can be a challenge to find an egg replacement that isn’t a powdered processed product that comes in a package or plastic container. Read more