Hailey Bieber Says “Fame Isn’t What You Think”, on Hillsong Channel’s New Season of ‘Now With Natalie’

Above: Natalie Manuel Lee, host of the upcoming new Hillsong Channel TV show ‘Now With Natalie’.

By: Laura Bennett

We spend a lot of time ogling celebrities, their lifestyles, their awards, and ‘who is doing what’. But it’s worth considering the realities of fame. Read more

Why You Should Think Before You Comment on Social Media

By: Rodney Olsen

When I first entered the courtroom I had no idea of the events that were about to unfold. I didn’t know I’d be there for around six weeks, listening to dozens of people being questioned by prosecution and defence lawyers. Read more

When Your Child is Terrified by a Movie or Meme: Expert Advice for Parents and Caregivers

By: Clare Bruce

Every new era of pop culture brings with it a fresh cast of creepy characters sure to frighten the living daylights out of vulnerable kids. Read more

Stop Believing God Is Tired of You

By: Jennie Scott

There’s a point in every conversation where the other person breaks eye contact, glancing away to look at, well, who knows what. Maybe it’s another person, maybe a painting on the wall, or maybe it’s just to see anything other than my face. Read more

John Mayer Sings Hymn in Memory of Christchurch Terror Victims

Above: John Mayer and Bella Kalolo in Auckland on Saturday night.

By: Clare Bruce

Singer-guitarist John Mayer brought an element of spirituality to his Auckland show on Saturday night—opening with a moving rendition of the hymn, How Great Thou Art. Read more

Mexican Chicken Recipe

By: Susan Joy

A delicious one pot Mexican dish that the whole family will enjoy. I create recipes with our grandkids in mind. They are used to me sneaking in vegetables and healthy broth but if the meal doesn’t taste delicious they won’t eat it, so I have to be clever. Read more

What to Do When Your Spouse isn’t a Believer

By: Brittany Ann

Should Christians marry non-Christians? Unfortunately for many starry eyed single Christians out there, the Bible clearly states the answer is no. Read more

Making Sense of The Horrific Christchurch Terror Attack

By: Akos Balogh

A terrorist attack has hit the western world and taken the lives of over 50 innocent people. We can’t help but feel shocked and dismayed at this atrocity. Read more

Did Jesus Have a Sense of Humour?

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

I was surprised the other day when my son said to me, “Dad, I can’t imagine you as a funny guy.” The thing is, I know I used to be a funny guy. I still think I am. I wonder what went wrong! Read more