Why Am I So Tired

By: Lorrene McClymont

Do you ever sleep a full eight hours and wake up tired, only to repeat the cycle the next night, and the next, and wonder what on earth is going on?

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Is Your Kettle Killing the Planet?

By: Peter Court 

We have a Super-kettle. It is an amazing piece of engineering and technology. Read more

Parenting Hack: Send Your Kids on Secret Missions

By: Kit Densley

I love the weather in autumn, cooler evenings and a freshness to the mornings but still plenty of sun to be enjoyed. Except for when it’s raining! Read more

Counting my Blessings, Or, How to be Thankful

By: Lorrene McClymont

I woke up this morning with a song stuck in my head. More accurately I woke up with a couple of lines of the song running over and over in my head on repeat like a toddler asking why. Read more

Why ‘AI’ Ain’t so ‘I’

By: Pete Court

Artificial Intelligence is really beginning to push its way into our everyday lives. Read more

The Word Becomes Film – Book Review

By: Lorrene McClymont

The Word Becomes Film, written by Russ Matthews is a modern-day parable, perfectly crafted to introduce the reader to an incredibly easy way of speaking to others about God.

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New Year, Old Me – Can Anyone Relate?

By: Lorrene McClymont

You close your eyes on December 31st and wake up on January 1st and it’s the ultimate reset. Read more

How to Create a Cozy Work and Study Space in Your Home

By: Nikki Duthie

The start of a new year is the perfect time to update your study or home work space.

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Podcasts for You in 2023

By: Lorrene McClymont

If you are like us, you are always on the hunt for a good podcast. We have put together a list of some of the podcasts we are are listening to at the moment. Read more

From Curve Balls to Curls – Finding Life’s Silver Linings

By: Helen Carr

I am not one to lament things from my past, but of late I have been feeling somewhat disappointed about my hair. Read more